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Religion in a Box

It seems today that people don’t take any offense when the words of the Bible are manipulated, just as along as they change for the better. Wait a minute. Change for the better? Could the Bible be any better? Is there any way that we could modify the text, somehow, someway, and give birth to a grander, better, more efficient way to salvation? The answer, hopefully obvious, is a big, resounding NO!

Are we really serious? Take apart the word of God? Clearly, with all our growing technology, discovery, and knowledge, we can produce a better understanding of what God wants than God, right? Again, NO!

Personally, I’ve never had a two-way discussion with the Almighty. I’ve never seen him or even a picture. In fact, the only direct relay of information I’ve ever gotten from God sits in my Bible case. I’m pretty sure, in fact I’m absolutely sure, that that goes the same for all of you.

Or am I mistaken?

Is there anybody who has had a new age revolution? Actually walked, talked, and laughed with God? That would certainly account for the innumerable changes that have been made to it since nearly two millennia after the original was completed. That would be the only justification for even attempting to overrule his judgment, right? I can at least remember Job 38, when Elihu tells Job that he understands how God works. But that doesn’t seem to sit very well with God. In fact, the entirety of the chapter is God asking Elihu what gives him the right to think he’s on par with God’s understanding. Especially look at verses 19-20: “Where is the way to the dwelling of Light? And Darkness, where is its place, That you may take to its territory, That you may know the paths to its home?”

I guess it’s quite simple, really. In the 38th chapter we have God lay out the reasons of why He has the power to govern religion. If any man thinks he meets all those qualifications, let him speak! Let him grace us with his all surpassing knowledge, with his flawless power, with his perfection! Quite simply, there is no such being besides God who qualifies. Quite simply, any attempt to change what God says is an attempt to lower God and raise ourselves. And that, simply, is blasphemy.

About now, most people look up at my title and think, “Religion in Box? What does that have to do with anything?” There’s an answer. I guess you could describe all creative thinking today as ‘Thinking outside the box’. Sure, we’ve all heard the expression. It implies trying to figure out what’s not there in front of us, to attempt to explore the unknown. But is God’s word unknown? Is there anything left undone? Jude calls the Bible the “faith once for all delivered to the saints” Once for all? Doesn’t that mean it’s all there? Is there any other reliable message of salvation? Galatians chapter 1 and verses 6-7 says that any other gospel is not a gospel at all. Is it really that simple? That we have God’s law? That there is no other substitute? That all other messages of salvation are condemned (Galatians 1:8)? That answer, of course, is a big, resounding, definite YES! I guess that everything we need from the Bible is in the box, i.e. right there in black and white (and sometimes red). You don’t need to look outside of it. Trust me, you won’t find anything there.