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Let’s Meet at the Church!

Several nights ago, I was attending a committee meeting which was being addressed by the Superintendent of the Castleberry school district. The Superintendent was addressing a possible bond election, which some believe is desperately needed to improve the schools. He was asked what could be done to facilitate the passing of the bond issue.

His answer was very interesting in that he stated that the school could do nothing to ensure the passage of the bond issue. The school system is relegated, by law, to educational issues. It can’t get involved in politics. He stated that the school can inform others of the facts, but can’t ask them to vote YES for the bond issue. Further, he informed us that if we wanted to help pass the proposal, we would have to form a “Friends of Castleberry Schools” political group, as a private entity, and do it in that way. Further, we would have to meet somewhere other than the school building!

What he said next is significant, in that he is a member of our Lord’s church. He said that, for instance, we could meet at Stan’s church and have our meetings there. This shows you how far afield many have gone in their concept of the purpose and work of our Lord’s church. What is amazing is that it not only has affected the denominational world, but also many of our brethren. (The Superintendent is a member of the Midtown church, a very liberal congregation).

The Superintendent recognized that it was not the mission of the school to be politically involved. Further, he recognized that even to use the building facilities for such a meeting would be a violation of the state charter for education. Why could he and others not see the same is true for the church?

At what time did it become the common belief that the purpose of the church was to get involved in social issues? To entertain? To raise kids? To educate our children? To get our unemployed, jobs? Etc…?

Our Lord established his church for a greater purpose. The Apostle Paul said, in 1 Timothy 3:15, “But if I am delayed, I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.”

To take the blood bought institution which God established to uphold and support the truth Christ revealed, and contaminate its charter with lesser concerns is wrong! God established the pattern of local congregations, to preach the gospel to the community, and edify the brethren in that fellowship. We come together on the first day of the week to commune with our God, not eat a common meal, or plot political strategy. Why is it that we can recognize the narrow scope of our schools’ efforts, and not recognize a similar limitation on the work and purpose of the church of God?
Nobody asked, but if they do, I will have to say, “I’m sorry, but we cannot use the West Side building. We are precluded by law, God’s law, from involving the church in purposes and works other than authorized by Him.”