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In The News: Dumbledore is a Homosexual

ImageNow she tells us? When I first heard that J.K. Rowling had revealed the homosexuality of Professor Albus Dumbledore, esteemed headmaster of Hogwarts, before a packed congregation of children and adults at Carnegie Hall on Oct. 19, my reaction was half appreciation, half annoyance. Ten years, seven books, 4,000 pages, and it never occurred to her to mention this before? At least she didn’t make the gay character a fairy (or a troll), so we’ll be spared those jokes, I thought. Rowling’s announcement felt almost too strategic, a gotcha! she conveniently withheld until the multibillion-dollar revenue stream had had years to flow. And why bother? The outing of Dumbledore doesn’t seriously reshape any plotline in the Harry Potter novels, nor do the books ever drop the kind of hints that would inspire questions from readers. Also, the saga is over, and Dumbledore’s, you know, dead, so, like that infamous moment on Law & Order when viewers suddenly learned that one of the show’s main characters was a lesbian literally 10 seconds before she left the series, it all seemed a bit easy.

Mark Davis (Entertainment Weekly)


First, there is no such person as Dumbledore. So, he can’t be a homosexual. He is not a person, he is a fictional character in the Harry Potter books.

Second, there is nothing in the Harry Potter books from the time the Dumbledore character is introduced until he is killed off that has anything to do with his sexual proclivities. In the stories he is an old man, with no reference to past relationships or families. His character exists as a help and guide to the youthful protagonists.

The author of the series, J.K. Rowling, revealed a backstory about Dumbledore, after her series of books have been completed, that indicated a homosexual relationship early in the character’s fictional life. As indicated by the article excerpt, (written by a homosexual), the backstory has absolutely no bearing on the plot or character in the books. So, why did she do this?

Plain and simple, it was for political reasons. By her actions she has become, if she wasn’t before, a pro-homosexual activist. Her agenda is to convince young people that homosexuality is normal, and good. She sought to accomplish this through the deepest deception, and did a great disservice to her readership.

Barbara Kay, a columnist for the National Post (Canada), objected to Rowling’s pronouncement. I appreciate her words, “Once the books are written, the gates of the fictional characters’ lives and their world clang shut. Any post-publication pronouncements she makes about her characters are superfluous and inadmissible, except as a personal self-indulgence on her part, and likely a bid to appear tolerant and liberal.”

Never forget the agenda of such ungodly people. In ways subtle and direct they are seeking to influence the thinking of others towards great ungodliness. They are self-condemned in this (Romans 1:28-32).