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Mining The Scriptures: Luke 13:1-5



Luke 13:1-5

A careful reading of Luke, chapters 11—13 shows that our Lord’s teaching to his disciples and the multitudes was anything but soft.

Jesus plainly and severely rebuked the sin of the people. He admonished them for hypocrisy, unfaithfulness and inhumanity toward one another.

It is believed that the first five verses of Luke 13 are an attempt by some to divert the Lord’s attention from their own sins, to the sins of others. Though we don’t know who the “Galileans” were that suffered death at the hands of the Romans, Jesus clearly states that their sin is no worse than that of his hearers. His admonition, given in verse 3 and verse 5 is a stern warning to anyone of us who might seek to excuse ourselves by comparing ourselves to those we believe to be worse than we. Jesus said, “I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”