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Mining The Scriptures: 2 John 4-6



2 John 4-6

Curiously, some today believe truth and love to be antithetical. If you insist on conformity to truth, you are considered unloving. It is believed that in order to be loving, one must be tolerant of doctrinal error and sin.

A careful reading of our text should dispel this erroneous supposition. John first indicated his pleasure that the “elect lady” had some children who were “walking in truth”, and defined truth as the commandments received from God.

Next, John encouraged her and her children to remember and heed the preeminent commandment, to love one another. (Notice that love and truth are here coupled).

In fact, John defines love (for God) – “that we walk according to His commandment.” Love is not defined as tolerance in scripture… rather obedience — to God and His Word. And if we love our brethren, we will seek to conform them to truth.