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In The News: A “Life Friendly” Universe

inthenews(Below is an excerpt of a very long speech given by James Gardner, who believes that the universe was created by God. He uses the words of renown evolutionists, who admit that the universe, as it exists, is strangely attuned to producing carbon based life. Note: By no means do I agree with any of the assertions made in the excerpt. But, it serves to show the prejudiced minds of the evolutionary theorists.

Even as they talk about the infinitesimal probabilities involved in producing such a “life-friendly” universe, such evolutionists stubbornly resist the idea that God is behind it all. They study the heavens intently, but are oblivious to their testimony (cf. Psalm 19:1-ff). Truly, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1). Consider the following…)

As scientists are now beginning to realize to their astonishment, the truly amazing thing about our universe is how strangely and improbably life-friendly or anthropic it is. As Cambridge evolutionary biologist Simon Conway Morris puts it in his new book Life’s Solution, “On a cosmic scale, it is now widely appreciated that even trivial differences in the starting conditions [of the cosmos] would lead to an unrecognizable and uninhabitable universe.”

Simply put, if the Big Bang had detonated with slightly greater force, the cosmos would be essentially empty by now. If the primordial explosion had propelled the initial payload of cosmic raw materials outward with slightly lesser force, the universe would long ago have recollapsed in a Big Crunch. In neither case would human beings or other life forms have had time to evolve.

As Stephen Hawking asks, “Why is the universe so close to the dividing line between collapsing again and expanding indefinitely? In order to be as close as we are now, the rate of expansion early on had to be chosen fantastically accurately.”

It is not only the rate of cosmic expansion that appears to have been selected, with phenomenal precision, in order to render our universe fit for carbon-based life and the emergence of intelligence. A multitude of other factors are fine-tuned with fantastic exactitude to a degree that renders the cosmos almost spookily bio-friendly. Some of the universe’s life-friendly attributes include the odd proclivity of stellar nucleosynthesis—the process by which simple elements like hydrogen and helium are transmuted into heavier elements in the hearts of giant supernovae—to yield copious quantities of carbon, the chemical epicenter of life as we know it.

As British astronomer Fred Hoyle pointed out, in order for carbon to exist in the abundant quantities that we observe throughout the cosmos, the mechanism of stellar nucleosynthesis must be exquisitely fine-tuned in a very special way.

Biocosm, The New Scientific Theory of Evolution
Intelligent Life Is the Architect of the Universe
by James N. Gardner