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Mining The Scriptures: Acts 13:14-41



Acts 13:14-41

It has been said that the theme of Redemption runs as a scarlet thread throughout the Bible.

Paul, in his sermon to the Jews in the synagogue of Antioch in Pisidia, takes up that thread with the Jews’ sojourn in Egypt. Following the thread through the wilderness into Canaan, he mentions the period of the judges, and the Kings, including Saul and David. He indicated that the Christ of God would come through David’s seed, mentioned John the Baptist as the Christ’s forerunner, and proclaimed Jesus of Nazareth to be that Messiah.

He established the proof of that annointing by saying, “But God raised Him from the dead” (vs. 30). In that resurrection we have hope. As Paul said, “…by Him everyone who believes is justified…” (vs. 39).

Finally, Paul called them to repentance, the first work of preaching. He said, “Beware…” We too must beware sin, and embrace Christ.