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In The News: Man Pregnant Again!

inthenewsThis headline seems like it should be on the front page of the National Enquirer, (and it probably was), but it is being reported as legitimate by national news agencies such as ABC News.

Barbara Walters was granted an exclusive interview with Thomas Beatie and “his” wife Nancy on Friday, November 14th, on 20/20 Magazine. It was the first public interview granted since the birth of their daughter Susan. Beatie has since announced that “he” is again pregnant.

You notice the quotations around the words “his” and “he” in the paragraph below. As Matthew Gilbert of the Boston Globe reported:

Of course, it’s a little inflammatory to call Beatie “a pregnant man.” The more accurate description would be “a pregnant female-to-male transgender who identifies as a man but whose female reproductive organs are intact,” but that probably wouldn’t sell as many tabloids or draw as many viewers to “Oprah,” “20/20,” or, tonight at 9, the Discovery Health documentary “Pregnant Man.” When it comes to grabbing eyes, detailed descriptions can be inconvenient.

So let’s check the headline again. In fact, the pregnant man is not a man at all. Thomas is a woman who is either sufficiently confused or depraved as to desire to be a man. She had a mastectomy, and took testosterone therapy to look more mannish (until she decided to become pregnant through artificial insemination), but she is a woman withal.

The most disturbing part of the story is the willingness of mainstream news organizations to go along with the individual, and report the story as legitimate. In other words, they note that Beatie is, biologically, female, and yet because Beatie “desires” to be a man, Beatie is a man.

This is an absurdity, and obviously so. Consider a parallel. It is commonly known that there are millions of white teens that are enamored with “hip hop” culture. They like rap music, dress like rap artists, and adopt the slang of the street, predominately spoken by black youths. Some will take on nicknames such as “White Chocolate” because of the strength of their affinity. Question? Are they black? If they were to dye their skin, would that make them black? Of course not!

You do not choose your gender, any more than you choose your race. There is something called DNA that determines whether an individual is male or female, regardless of the mutilation they may endure to appear differently.

Beyond the obvious perversions inherent in this story, you will note again that Beatie is married. I’m not sure if the marriage is a legal one. In most states it is unlawful for two women to marry. But Beatie is a lesbian. A hairy lesbian, but a lesbian nevertheless, and one that falls under the condemnation of God (cf. Romans 1:26).

It is just another example of man “no longer retaining God in their knowledge” (cf. Romans 1:28). Our society is crumbling, and Thomas Beatie is just one example of its decay.