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Class Series – 13 Questions

These are 13 actual questions asked by a Baptist church preacher. His name is David Martin, and he is referred to as the “Pastor” of the Solid Rock Baptist Church, in Bartlett, TN.

The questions appeared in an article written by Martin, entitled, “Common Sense Questions A ‘Church of Christ’ Preacher CANNOT Clearly Answer.” To view the article click here. (Note: This link only gets you to their home page. You will have to look for the article. The site uses frames, and does not allow for a direct link to the article).

While it is doubtful we could answer these questions to his satisfaction, these questions are similar to those commonly asked of us by those in the denominations.

We should “always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.” (1 Peter 3:15).

An examination of these questions will challenge us to study; and will doubtless increase our faith. The design of the series is to elicit discussion and encourage home study.

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(Note:  We had some problems with our recording system during the series, and missed several lessons, so not all the audio is available.  We apologize for this).
Suggestions for Study (Word)
Suggestions for Study (PDF)

Question 1

According to the history of the “Church of Christ,” God used certain men to “restore” the New Testament Church in the early 1800’s. Where was the true New Testament church before then? Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against His church (Matthew 16:18). What happened to the church and where was the truth it was responsible for preaching before God restored it?

Audio – Question 1a (mp3)
Audio – Question 1b (mp3)

Question 2

If a “Church of Christ” elder refuses to baptize me, will I be lost until I can find one who will?  Do I need a Campbellite “preacher” in order to be saved?

(Note:  The first week of this discussion, a guest speaker taught the class.  The class was not recorded.  The audio is of the first 15 minutes of the next class, when the discussion began the previous week was finish.  We apologize for the fact that a complete discussion of the question is not available on audio.)

Audio – Question 2 (mp3)

Question 3

If the water pipes broke and the baptistery was bone dry, would my salvation have to wait until the plumber showed up?  If I were to die before then, would I go to hell?

Audio – Question 3a (mp3)
Audio – Question 3b (mp3)
Audio – Question 3c (mp3)

Question 4

If my past sins are forgiven when I am baptized in water, and it is possible for me to “lose my salvation” and go to hell after being baptized, then wouldn’t my best chance of going to heaven be to drown in the baptistery? – before I had a chance to sin so as to be lost again?

Audio – Question 4a (mp3)
Audio – Question 4b (Did not record.  Sorry, I forgot to turn the mic on!)

Question 5

If as a Christian I can sin so as to “lose my salvation,” just what sin or sins will place me in such danger?  Is it possible to know at what point one has committed such a sin, and become lost again?

Audio – Question 5a (mp3)
Audio – Question 5b (mp3)
Audio – Question 5c (mp3)

Question 6

If as a Christian I can fall and “lose my salvation,” is it possible to regain it?  If so, how?  If God “takes away” my salvation, doesn’t that make Him an “Indian Giver”?  How could I ever know for sure that I was saved or lost? 

Audio – Question 6a (mp3)
Audio – Question 6b (mp3) (Did not record, microphone problems… Sorry)

Question 7

After becoming a Christian, are there any sins that will put me beyond the “point of no return” so that I cannot regain my salvation?  What sin or sins will put me in such jeopardy, so that, after becoming a Christian, I would be doomed to hell without any recourse?

Audio – Question 7a (mp3) (Did not record, microphone problems on same date as 6b)
Audio – Question 7b (mp3)

Question 8

If I committed some sin—whether in thought, word, or deed, one minute before a fatal car crash—would I go to hell if I did not have time to repent of it?

Sorry, no audio for Question 8

Question 9

Why does the “Church of Christ” insist that their name is scriptural when it cannot be found anywhere in the Bible?  The church is referred to as the “church of God” eight (8) times in the Bible, but never is it called the “church of Christ.”  Where does the Bible call the church the “church of Christ”?

Audio – Question 9a (mp3)
Audio – Question 9b (mp3)

Question 10

If the “Church of Christ” claims to worship God only as “authorized” by scripture because they sing only (and do not use instrumental music), then where do they get the “authority” to use hymnals, pitch pipes, pews, and indoor baptisteries in their worship services?  (If the answer is that they are “aids to worship,” where does the Bible allow for that?  Where is your required authorization?  If a pitch pipe can be an “aid to worship” for the song service in the “Church of Christ,” then why can’t a piano be an “aid to worship” for Baptists who may need more help in singing?).

Audio – Question 10a (mp3)
Audio – Question 10b (mp3)
Audio – Question 10c (mp3)

Question 11

The “Church of Christ” teaches that a sinner is forgiven of sin when he is baptized in water by a Campbellite elder.  Where does the Bible teach that water baptism is required in order to have one’s sins forgiven?  Where does the Bible teach that forgiveness of sin is linked with water baptism?  Friend, heaven or hell depends on what you believe about this.

Audio – Question 11a (mp3)
Audio – Question 11b (mp3)

Question 12

If salvation is not by works of righteousness which we have done, and baptism is a work of “righteousness,” then how can water baptism be a part of salvation?  In the Bible, we are saved by Grace, and grace does not involve human effort or merit.

Audio – Question 12 (mp3)

Question 13

The “Church of Christ” teaches that “obeying the Gospel” includes being baptized in water in order to be saved.  If this is true, then how is it that the converts of Acts 10 were saved by faith before and without water baptism?  What did those in Acts 10 do to obey and receive the Holy Ghost and be saved?

Audio – Question 13a (mp3) (Did not record, Sorry!)
Audio – Question 13b (mp3)