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Mining The Scriptures: 1 Timothy 3:1-7



1 Timothy 3:1-7

Paul’s list of qualifications outlines for us the type of men God wants to serve as overseers among His people.

The picture drawn is of men who are experienced, righteous, wise, knowledgeable, able and proven. They have shown by their domestic lives an ability to guide and nurture the souls of those in their care. They exhibit a self-discipline and demeanor that assures an even handed treatment of important issues that may trouble brethren. They have a familiarity with God’s word that allows them to defend the truth against those who would lead the flock astray.

These guidelines are divinely ordained. As such, they are not mere suggestions. In other words, those who do not meet the qualifications should not be appointed to serve. We do not know better than God, and do not have the right to make an “executive” decision and appoint a man who we “believe” would serve well despite his lack of qualifications. God is the “executive” and has the final say in who should serve in this important work.

As Paul wrote, “A bishop then must be…” (vs. 2).