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From the Preacher’s Pen: The Way I See It

ImageIn the Reader’s Digest the other day I found a list of 10 of the most annoying phrases that people use Phrases like “fairly unique” (either it is unique or it is not); and “at this point in time” (an overused expression that I must confess I have used from time to time).

Among these annoying phrases was “The way I see it. . . “ or some equivalent. In the list, I found it the most objectionable of all, because it has been used so often to justify a position or practice that is at odds with the word of God. People seem to feel that they are a sufficient source of authority for their religious beliefs or moral practices. It just isn’t so!

The only just reason to defend a position or practice is because God sees it that way! Remember the song, “The Bible tells me so. . .”