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The West Side Fishing Club

(Editor’s Note: The following article was the first article written by me, that appeared in the local bulletin here 20 years ago. I hope you enjoy it).

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(Article excerpted from the well-known fishing magazine, The Catfish Chronicle)

The West Side Fishing Club, a member of the Fishing Clubs of Texas, has had its charter revoked. Although the members are still meeting regularly, they are no longer recognized by their Parent Organization.

Among the activities of the now defunct West Side Fishing Club:

  • Regular meetings to discuss fishing and other related activities.
  • Business meetings where the club’s finances were discussed, and plans were made for special fishing excursions.
  • Social gatherings such as picnics, barbeques and sing-a-longs.
  • Special week-long seminars where prominent experts on fishing were brought in to share their expertise and encourage the members of the club to purse their hobby.
  • Special classes held with instructional materials to improve the fishing ability of individual members.

The Fishing Clubs of Texas organization, whose headquarters are at 144000 Zion St. in Austin, TX, was asked why the West Side chapter lost its charter. A spokesman replied:

“Fundamentally, our organization was formed for the purpose of catching fish. Although the West Side chapter talked about fishing, planned trips, held seminars, and paid dues, they never went fishing! In the yeasrs they were in our organization, the fish caught could just about be counted on the fingers of your hands. Since they were not fulfilling the single most important objective of their charter, it was revoked.”

In keeping with the bylaws of the organization, the West Side chapter’s ceremonial golden fishing rod was removed from its place among those of the other chapters of the organization. “However,” the spokesman added, “If they at any time decide to actually begin to go fishing, they are welcome back in our organization.”

This reported traveled to West Side to get the members comments concerning the revoked charter. Following are a few representative statements:

(Wilbur M.) “The lake is too far away. It’s too much trouble to pull the boat for 45 minutes to get to a good fishing spot. It’s too bad the fish won’t come to us, because I really would like to catch some fish.

(Betty R.) “I don’t know how to fish. I just joined the club for the picnics and barbeques.” (Further investigation revealed that Betty attended only a minimum number of the weekly meetings.”

(Pete S.) “The fish aren’t interested. It doesn’t matter how many lures you try, or how much time you spend, you hardly get a nibble.” (On further questioning, Peter admitted that he had gone fishing only once or twice, and spent very little time in preparation).

(Dorothy B.) “I simply do not have time to go fishing. My days are so full now I can’t hardly even keep my house clean!” (This reporter thinks there may be some justification for this statement, as Dorothy kept him waiting all afternoon for the interview, until all of her soap operas had finished playing in the television).

(Benji T.) “When I first joined the club I went fishing a few times. I was pretty successful too, I caught several fish. But no one would go with me, and I got tired of fishing alone, so I guess I just developed the same attitude everyone else around here seems to have.”

(Sandy N.) “I do my part. I help plan the picnics, attend the meetings, and even pay attention when those long winded speakers at the meetings go overtime. I don’t think that I should have to go fishing with all of the other things I do.

A sad thing happened in Fort Worth. The sport of fishing has died. If the fishermen will not go out and catch the fish, then no one will. The only solution is for the West Side Fishing Club return to their first love, regain their charter, and go catch some fish. Let us hope they decide to do just that.

Stan Cox
Reporter, Catfish Chronicle