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Mining the Scriptures: 2 John 1-3



2 John 1-3

2 John 1-3

The apostle John begins his epistle to the “elect lady and her children” by petitioning God on their behalf. His request? “Grace, mercy and peace” from the Father and the Son.

A most interesting juxtaposition is made in this text. Truth and Love are combined several times. John loved the elect lady “in truth” as well as all others who “have known the truth.” For Christians, truth is the foundation for our love. Abiding in truth is necessary for maintaining our relationship with God (cf. 2 John 9-11).

In contrast, many in our day believe truth and love to almost be antithetical. Those who contend for truth are called hatemongers for that very reason. John shows us here that truth and love go hand in hand.

John here promises us that “grace, mercy and peace” will come to Christians in “truth and love.” You can’t receive God’s mercy unless you abide in truth and love. It is a lesson we all would do well to learn.