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From the Preacher’s Pen: “Get Over It!”


A scenario arises where something objectionable is said or done. Some profanity, perhaps a dollop of gossip, maybe an unkind word. A Christian has the temerity to object, perhaps mildly, saying that such should not be said or done.

The response? A rolling of the eyes, and an invitation to just, “Get over it!” The world has no compunction about offending the Christian. Sometimes even other Christians may look askance at the one audacious enough to stand for what is right.

My answer? I will not “Get over it.” I am offended, and I refuse to go along to get along. Such raised objections are not an example of self-righteousness, (as the world believes), but the cry of those who are pilgrims in a land that is increasingly hostile to their faith, and that is leading more and more of God’s people to ungodly compromise. If someone doesn’t continue to speak up, all of us will “Get over it”, and the Devil will have won!

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