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In the News: Death Sentence for Blasphemy


(Image: 45 year old Asia Bibi of Pakistan)

Consider the unfairness of the following scenario. You are a single member of a minority religious group, working at your job as a farmhand in a field. You are asked by your supervisor to go and fetch water for the other workers. You do as asked, but when you bring the water, your fellow workers refuse to drink it, calling the water unclean because you are the one who fetched it. A few days later you are set upon by a mob, still angry over the initial incident. The authorities are called, and they take you away for your own protection. Later, some in the mob claim that you are guilty of blasphemy against their religion. So, the authorities arrest you, and imprison you on that charge. You go to court, and though no evidence is presented to show the charge is true, you are nevertheless found guilty and sentenced to death. You are married, and have five children.

It sounds similar to persecutions recorded in Matthew 27 (Jesus) and Acts 24 (Paul). It is in fact an example of Muslim persecution in the country of Pakistan. Asia Bibi, 45 years old and a professed Christian, is currently appealing her death sentence after being convicted of defaming the prophet Mohammed. While the federal government often overturns such local sentences on appeal, it is believed that 10 people who have been charged with the crime have been murdered while on trial. Bibi was held for a year in isolation before the sentence was meted out on November 8, 2010.

Ali Hasan Dayan, a spokesman for Humans Rights Watch, said that the law has been used on many occasions as a means for religious persecution. “It makes religious minorities particularly vulnerable because it’s often used against them.”

source: The Telegraph (British newspaper),

Wayne Goforth, who brought this article to my attention, noted the irony that the Muslim world was crying persecution because some objected to a Muslim mosque being built in the vicinity of the 9/11 site in New York City.

This is another example of the disingenuous nature of rhetoric emanating not only from Muslim leaders, but also from our own politicians. Toleration has gone too far if it embraces a religious system that is so evil, and so antagonistic toward Christ and His followers.

No, I am not advocating another Crusade. There is nothing holy about our secular nation, and the idea that God would give preference to us over the Muslims is misguided. What I ask is that our secular leaders not be blind to the threat of the Muslim religion. Our tolerance does not require us to be blind to the fact that the expressed desire of a substantial percentage of the human race is our annihilation. When the demographics change to Islam’s advantage, toleration will end. This is, with few exceptions, the rule. Until that time, terrorism will continue. Why? This is what is called for in their “holy” book:

“Make war on them: Allah will chastise them through you and humble them. He will grant you victory over them and heal the spirit of the faithful” (Surah 9:14).

This is what they call jihad, a holy war against the infidel.

Some Muslim leaders object that the term jihad does not necessarily or even primarily indicate a holy war. The term literally means “struggle.” It is commonly claimed (despite the overwhelming anecdotal evidence) that the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion. This is the lie that most of our civil leaders are both accepting and regurgitating. Regardless of whether it is the “correct” interpretation of the Quran’s readings, what matters is that it is the interpretation embraced by so many who desire our destruction. For example, a Gallup Poll showed that a “‘significant majority’ of Muslim Indonesians define the term to mean ‘sacrificing one’s life for the sake of Islam/God/a just cause’ or ‘fighting against the opponents of Islam’” (

The Muslim religion is an evil, false religion that seeks the destruction of all “infidels.” The double standard of its adherents, calling for toleration while practicing intolerance, has been clearly documented again and again. While the eternal reward of the Christian is not threatened (cf. Hebrews 13:6), our welfare on this earth most certainly is!