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From the Preacher’s Pen: Meeting Season!


Meeting season has begun. As mentioned last Wednesday evening, the Old Granbury Road congregation is having brother Jimmy Stevens in a gospel meeting that begins today. Weeknight meeting time is 7:30 pm, through Friday.
Also, the Woodmont congregation has a meeting starting with brother Terrell Bunting next Sunday. If you are of a mind to travel that far, the Hewitt congregation (the Waco area) is having brother Maurice Barnett, also starting next Sunday.

Our own meeting begins in three weeks, and we need to begin our efforts in inviting others to come hear brother Kris Braddock preach the gospel. Area congregations will be more likely to attend our meeting if you have already been to theirs.

There is absolutely no better way to spend a weekday evening than in worship. You will be edified by the preaching efforts. So how about it? Will you be going to the meetings this season?

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