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From the Preacher’s Pen: The Path

The following is a poem written by Tracy Gallman. Sister Gallman prepared the children’s curriculum for our recent Family Bible Study Week. The poem appeared in that material. I commend it to you!

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The Path
“Walking in Sunlight”

There is a Path we are called to walk on;
By faith and not by sight.
A path where Jesus is
A Path that reveals His light.

His light will guide you and teach you
About His love and care,
The Path will never be lonely
As long as Jesus is there.

The Path may at times become rocky
And full of weeds, but…
Don’t lean on your own understanding –
Look to Jesus – Trust Him –
And with new eyes you will see
The path that Jesus sees.

Jesus calls all who hear
To follow Him along their way,
He promises to guide, guard and Save you
If in His Path you will stay.

Tracy Gallman