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Mining the Scriptures: Jude 5-11


To illustrate the condemnation reserved for false teachers, Jude used three examples in this text. First, those of the Exodus who exhibited unbelief despite the miraculous intervention of God. He “destroyed those who did not believe.” Second, the rebellious angels. Though little is revealed about this rebellion of higher beings, we know that God placed them under “everlasting chains.” Third, the immoral cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, that suffered by His hand, “the vengeance of eternal fire.”

These serve as an object lesson to the current false teachers that Jude warns his readers about. These evil men are sensuous and rebellious. Because of their evil ways, they are worthy of condemnation.

In verse 9 of the text, a reference is made to a conflict between Michael, the archangel, and the devil, about the body of Moses. We have no knowledge of the nature of the dispute, and it is worthless to speculate. However, the occasion is used to point out the audacity of the false teachers Jude condemns. Their brashness leads them to do things even Michael himself would not.