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From the Preacher’s Pen: Flexible Bible Reading Schedules


Today, a new year begins. Thus an perfect opportunity to make some new year resolutions regarding your service for the Lord. One of the best that can be made is to be more consistent and devoted in your Bible reading schedule.

Over the years I have suggested and supplied a number of different reading plans. Reading the entire Bible in a year is a good plan. Some may want to read through the book of Psalms or Proverbs. Others may want in the next several months to read through the New Testament, or a portion of it.

I have come across a website that allows you to pick the book or books you want to read, and the time you want to take to do so. If you wish, a daily email can be sent with the reading, or links to audio on the internet, where you can listen to the passage you have chosen rather than reading it. The best part about the site is its versatility. It is easy to use, and even the most technologically timid can utilize the site. So, my suggestion would be to check it out today or tomorrow, and use it (or some other schedule) to help you to be regular and dedicated in your reading of the word of God.

The URL to the website is:

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