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From the Preacher’s Pen: Preach the Word!


I recently came across this paragraph, written by Foy L. Smith. I believe it was written in 1963. It clearly states the attitude that gospel preachers should have toward their work. It also asserts the importance of sharing the gospel with others:

Brother, roll up your sleeves and thunder forth that message that rocked the hills and vales around the Jordan long ago — that pierced the hearts and convicted thousands on the day of Pentecost and subsequent days — that vibrated through the hills and valleys of Kentucky and Ohio in the days of the restoration, and that still thrills and influences the hearts of men when it is given its rightful place and emphasis! Preach it because you can do nothing greater. Preach it because you love it. Preach it because you are afraid not to preach it. And preach it exactly as it is written, neither fearing nor favoring men. Preach it every time you go into the pulpit like that time will be your last time. Preach it as “a dying man to dying men”

Foy L. Smith, Firm Foundation Vol. 80, Num. 5

The zeal revealed in the quote is one that is too seldom seen among God’s people. Are we apathetic? Paul said, “So as much as is in me, I am ready to preach the gospel” (Romans 1:15). May we all emulate the great apostle!

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