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From the Preacher’s Pen: Aspire to an Idyllic Life!


The second chapter of the book of Acts records the activities of Christians at the dawn of the church’s existence. “Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need. So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved” (vs. 44-47).

The text reveals an idyllic state among the people of God — one to which we today should aspire. Luke quickly begins to recount sin among the brethren (Acts 5), cultural conflicts (Acts 6) as well as persecution from without (Acts 7). But, early on there was only joy and encouragement as brethren showed hospitality toward each other, and came together in praise and worship to God.

No doubt such joy is available to Christians today. It is possible for righteous people of God to have the same mind, to endure opposition, and maintain the peace and joy that comes from our common heritage. It must be fostered and maintained, but it is possible, and it is a state God desires for his people.

If you want that joy, then do as they did in Acts 2. Assemble with the saints to worship God. Show love to your brethren through benevolence and hospitality. Thank God for the wonderful blessings you receive. Be glad for who you are, and the hope of heaven you enjoy. It is wonderful to be a child of God, and to rejoice in the hope of heaven!

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