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Mining the Scriptures: Jude 12-15


In these verses Jude continues his description of the false teachers, who in their treachery destroy themselves and those they are able to influence. He calls them clouds without water, trees without fruit, raging waves of the sea, and wandering stars. In all of this they are seen to be vain and destructive in the error they propagate, and doomed for eternity.

Two questions arise from the text. First, what are the “love feasts” referred to in verse 12? The word “spot” may be a mistranslation, as the term may instead have reference to hidden rocks rather than a blemish. Regardless, they are destructive. The phrase “love feasts” most probably refer to social meals that brethren eat together, giving them an opportunity to express their devotion to one another. These men use such occasions to promote their evil agenda.

The second question concerns the origin of Enoch’s prophesy in verses 14-15 concerning the judgment of these false teachers. The prophesy quoted is not found elsewhere in scripture. However, as Jude spoke by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we can be assured of its legitimacy (cf. 2 Timothy 3:16-17) . He here describes the final judgment when these men will give account of themselves to God.