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In the News: Fal$e Teacher$

Image I think I may have found a rap song that I like, kind of…

A “Christian Rap” artist by the name of Shai Linne recently released a song called Fal$e Teacher$, where he contends that those who are what he calls “prosperity preachers” are in fact false teachers. He specifically names twelve such teachers in his song, including such well known names as Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland.

(Note: Click here to listen to the song on Youtube).

While doing a little bit of research about the song, I came across indications that the song is causing a bit of controversy among evangelicals. Linne was especially concerned about how these preachers are eagerly followed by the poor and destitute of many African nations. Among his lyrics is the following:

Yet they’re encouraging the love of money, to make it worse, they’ve exported this garbage into other countries!

My heart breaks even now as I am rhyming. Do you wanna know what all false teachers have in common?

It’s called self(ism) the fastest growing religion; they just dress it up and call it “Christian”.

Don’t be deceived by this funny biz, if you come to Jesus for money, then he’s not your God, money is!

He is right on in his criticism of these opportunists. Their brand of “gospel” is a distortion of the good news, and will bring the condemnation of the Lord upon them (cf. Galatians 1:6-9).

Equally interesting is his defense of calling out those who teach error. It seems he has a better handle on what God expects of us in defending truth than do some brethren. His desire to protect the “sheep” from such “wolves” is commendable, though he has been criticized severely for calling names, and for not going to the teacher privately before admonishing him publically. Sound familiar? These are the very same criticisms of brethren who mark the false teachers among us.

So, here is a sample of the lyrics from the pen of Shai Linne, lyrics that some of our brethren need to consider carefully:

Let me begin, while there is still ink left in my pen, I am set to contend for Truth you can bet will offend, Deception within the church man, who’s letting them in? We talked about this years ago, let’s address it again. (Yeh)

And I ain’t really trying to start beef, but some who claim to be part of his sheep got some sharp teeth.(they’re wolves)

You cast at me when you criticize them when you criticize them, but Jesus told us: Matthew 7:16, we can recognize them! And God forbid that for the love of some fans, I keep quiet and watch them die with their blood on my hands!

(so…)There’s nothing left for me to do except to speak to you in the spirit of Jude 3 and 2 Peter 2. And I know that some would label me a Pharisee, because today the only heresy is saying that there’s heresy: “How dare they be specific and drop some clarity on the popularity of the gospel of Prosperity”

Now, I’m just not hip enough to ever enjoy rap music. Most of it is vile anyway. And, I recognize the problems with the concept and execution of “popular Christian music” as it is played on the radio and exists as an industry. Having said that, I find it interesting that someone who comes from that culture has a better handle on how God expects us to deal with false teachers than do many brethren.

“But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life” (Jude 10-21).