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Mining the Scriptures: Philippians 1:12-14


Our text establishes clearly the apostle Paul’s priorities in life. Though the “things which happened to me” included imprisonment and possible loss of life, Paul considered it a fortunate turn of events. Because of his trip to Rome and house arrest, the gospel was preached to individuals who otherwise would not hear it. Paul wrote of those in Caesar’s palace who were aware that his “chains are in Christ” (13).

A further benefit was the courage taken by others from Paul’s example. Because he preached boldly despite persecution, others were emboldened to do the same. This serves to illustrate the benefit of a godly example. If you live for Christ despite opposition, others see that and are encouraged to do the same.

Paul rejoiced because the gospel was preached. He didn’t care what it cost him personally. He understood the purpose of the message, and made its spread his life’s work (cf. Romans 1:15-16).