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From the Preacher’s Pen: Meeting Attendance


Last week the Old Granbury Road congregation had a gospel meeting, with Harry Osborne doing the preaching. We announced it, and I am thankful that several of our number took advantage of the opportunities to hear the gospel preached by a capable servant.

In fact, we had 21 that attended on Monday, 6 on Tuesday (as reported to me), and 16 on Thursday. That is a pretty good representation, and the support was an encouragement to that fine congregation.

However, the greater benefit was to those of us who attended. The singing was encouraging, the messages edifying, and the association with other Christians a joy.

I know some may tire of my many appeals to attend such efforts, but I feel like the apostle Paul who wrote the Philippians, “I seek the fruit that abounds to your account” (4:17). Paul was referring to their gift to him, but the principle applies here as well. By encouraging and supporting brethren elsewhere, you bear fruit for the Master. God is pleased with your selflessness, and you receive the added strength that worship and study brings. It is a win—win experience, and one I wish that more brethren would pursue regularly.

I know that it takes time, especially if the building is an hour or so away. It takes effort to get the kids ready, or to get those old bones moving. But I promise the effort is worth it. Many opportunities will present themselves in the next few months. So, how about it!

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