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The Patternists: What Kind of Servant are You?


There is no more important question for each of us to ask ourselves. We acknowledge the existence of God, and our own subservient relationship to Him. So, each must ask, “What kind of servant am I?”

In the text of Matthew 24 Jesus describes the two answers possible. One may be a “faithful and wise servant” (vs. 45), or an “evil servant” (vs. 48). What is the difference between the two? The faithful and wise servant is the one, when the Master comes, who is doing the Master’s will (vs. 46).

The point is simple. God is our Master, and if we want to please Him, we must do His bidding. That is why it is so important for us to know the pattern of obedience required by God in His word. If we do so, we are “blessed” (vs. 46), and will be rewarded (vs. 47). If not, “there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (vs. 51).

A sobering truth, to be considered in opposition to the common claim that sincerity in religion is the sole matter of importance. Jesus tells us the important thing is to do the Master’s will!

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