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The Patternists: What is the name of your church?


“What is the name of your church?” We are asked that question often. It is a question that often arises from a denominational mindset. The answer they are expecting is something along the lines: the Baptist church, or the Methodist church, or the Catholic church.

In the New Testament, the church is never given a proper name. The greek work (ekklesia) from which the word church is translated has reference to an assembly or congregation. It literally means “the called out.”

The only proper name given to God’s people is Christian (cf. 1 Peter 4:16).

Some are not satisfied with this, and will continue the question. “What is written on the sign in front of your building?!!” To which we answer, “West Side church of Christ.”

In this we designate that we meet on the west side of Fort Worth, and that we are an assembly or congregation belonging to Christ (cf. Romans 16:16). This is eminently scriptural.

Does your church name follow this scriptural precedent? Or does it indicate a denominational mindset?

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