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In the News: Consciousness & God

ImageA common question in science and common theme of science fiction is the potential of robots to become sufficiently complex to become conscious. That is, have self-awareness. In a sense, it would mean that they are alive, would have self-will, and (as happens often in Sci-Fi novels and shows) perhaps would rise up in revolt against mankind (cf. Terminator, among others). Like I said, science fiction.

There is a theory out there about how the brain works, called Quantum Brain Dynamics (it’s a real theory). It states that our brains not only give us the ability to hear, see, taste, feel, etc., — our brains also use quantum mechanics to create consciousness in us.

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In the News: Faith vs. Fact?

FactsI recently read at the Washington Post online, a review of the book, Faith vs. Fact (Why Science and Religion are Incompatible) by Jerry A. Coyne. The review itself was written by Jeffrey Schloss, a biologist at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. The book apparently consists of a series of logical arguments designed to pit religion against science, with the author’s assertion that ultimately, religion’s methods “are useless for understanding reality.”

The review is largely complimentary of the book, but Schloss argues that Coyne falls short in some areas in his treatment of the topic. Consider the following quote by Schloss from the article:

“The preface [of Coyne’s book, SC] begins with a quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson: ‘The good thing about science is that it’s true, whether or not you believe in it.’ But this is simply wrong. Facts are true whether or not one believes in them. Science is an impressively reliable but fallible means for ascertaining facts. Indeed, facts are true whether or not science itself believes in them.”

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From the Preacher’s Pen: Our Reliable Bibles

sketch6I came across a quote recently about the reliability of the New Testament text. In other words, we can be sure that the original words have been preserved for us today.

“God has given us 5,656 manuscripts containing all or parts of the Greek NT. It is the most remarkably preserved book in the ancient world. Not only do we have a great number of manuscripts but they are very close in time to the originals they represent. Some partial manuscripts of the NT are from the second century A.D., and many are within four centuries of the originals. These facts are all the more amazing when they are compared with the preservation of other ancient literature” (Edward Glenny)

What we have preserved for us today is the true, complete and inspired word of God!

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Sermon: Why?

1 Peter 3:15 tells us as Christians we are to always be ready to give an answer for our hope. Are you able to tell why you do the things that you do religiously. Well, are you?

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In The News: The Golden Compass

ImageThe film, The Golden Compass, is scheduled for a Christmas release, and New Line Cinema is hoping that it will be as big a blockbuster as Disney pictures The Chronicles of Narnia, released last year.

The films are both fantasies, both based upon books that were written to appeal to children. The difference is that one was written by C.S. Lewis, a member of the Anglican church and a well known Christian apologist. The other was written by atheist activist Philip Pullman, whose desire is to portray religion as evil and God as a fraud.

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Sermon: “Mistakes” in Stephen’s Sermon

Bill Crews’ sermon answers skeptics claims that Stephen, in his sermon in Acts 7, made some mistakes in relating Jewish history.

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Podcast: God Exists!


Podcast Number # 17

Evidences are supplied in answer to questions… Does God Exist? Is the Bible Inspired? Is Jesus Christ the Son of God?

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Sermon: Christianity Versus

openbibleChristianity is in direct opposition to the philosophies of men, including the Postmodern world, the Eastern/Mysticism World, the Atheistic World, the Agnostic World and the Scientific World.

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Sermon: Defense of the Truth

An introduction to Christian Apologetics. The first lesson in an occasional series examining the evidence for the Christian Faith.

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Artificial Intelligence: Arguement for Design

ipodThe difficulty scientists are having developing artificial intelligence with computers is a strong argument for the design of humans, and thus a designer. If scientists can not design AI, how did chance come about with the real thing?

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Sermon: Apologetics

Sermon Title: Apologetics

The Christian faith must be defended by Christians. There is credible evidence which can be supplied to answer in the affirmative the following questions: 1) Does God Exist?; 2) Is the Bible Inspired?; 3) Are our Bibles today dependable?; 4) Did the Man Jesus Really Live on Earth?; 5) Is Jesus the Son of God?

(Note: The audio of this lesson came from Stan Cox’s presentation of the material at the Forum Terrace church of Christ on May 12, 2006. The material was also presented by Stan at the West Side church in two parts on Sunday, May 14th).

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