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Mining the Scriptures: Galatians 2:1-5


Paul was continually embroiled in conflict with Judaizing teachers, who he here refers to as “false brethren.” Their view of the Christian faith nullified the grace of God. They viewed Christ as continuing the covenant between Jews and God, and viewed any Gentile Christian as a proselyte.

Circumcision, as a token of the covenant between God and Israel became the point of contention, and Paul was not going to compromise the gospel to appease these evil men. He protected Titus (a Gentile) by refusing to allow him to be circumcised. Paul’s correct understanding of the covenant of grace was that both He (a Jew), and Titus (a Gentile) were spiritual Jews, whose circumcision was not of the flesh, but of the heart! (cf. Romans 2:28-29).

We have liberty in Christ. Our appeal is to God’s grace. An appeal to the Old Law brings men into the bondage of sin.

Invitation: A Father of Many Nations

Invitation delivered by: Stan Cox

Paul, in Romans 4:7-ff Paul uses the fact that Abraham was counted as righteous before he was circumcised as proof that all nations have access to salvation in Christ Jesus.


Sermon: The Conflict Over Circumcision

This lesson is an examination of the text of Acts 15, where the apostles, elders and church in Jerusalem meet concerning the conflict between Paul and the Judaizing teachers on the subject of Circumcision. Emphasis is placed on how the issue was handled, and the authority of God.

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Sermon: Estranged from Christ

An exegetical sermon based on the text of Galatians 5:1-6. An explanation of the covenant of circumcision is given, with special emphasis on its value to the Christian. Also, as the language of the text indicates the possibility of a Christian falling into apostasy, that subject is discussed as well.

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