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Sermon: The Christian’s Responsibility in the Home


The Christian has the responsibility to be morally upright, to be Christ centered, to fill his or her appointed role, and to love fully for a home to be what Christ wants it to be.


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Sermon: Leadership in the Home

A sermon on the Home, preached by Armando Vera.


Sermon: Prove yourself a man

Image David’s charge to his son Solomon is examined in 1 Kings 2 as a means of encouraging manliness. Prove yourself a man:

* Take heed to your counselors
* Take heed to your goals
* Take heed to your relationships
* Take heed to your character


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Keys to a Successful and Happy Marriage

For years the divorce rate in America has been at the 50% mark. While the rate is lower among members of the Lord’s church, it is still common to see marriages fail. There are a number of reasons why it happens. In the case of each failed marriage there is sin. The husband, or wife, or both, are living in a rebellious state before God. Such unfaithfulness leads to the dissolution of the marriage bond. The problem may be marital infidelity, pride, selfishness or dishonesty, but sin is present.

The simplest answer when seeking a cure for marital discord is to live faithfully before God. If a husband and wife are living righteously, their marriage will be successful and happy. However, it is necessary to explain what is righteous living in regard to domestic responsibilities. Above and beyond putting God first in our lives, here are a few “needs” that should be considered to ensure a strong and lasting marriage.

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Sermon: Marriage Roles and Authority

The divine wisdom of God has established the roles of men and women in the home. The husband is the head, and must be deferential and loving in his treatment of his wife. The wife is submit to the leadership of her husband in the home (Ephesians 5:22-33; 1 Peter 3:1-7).

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Sermon: Husbands and the Family

The institution of marriage carries with it obligations and responsibilities to both the husband and wife. In this sermon the institution is discussed with special emphasis on the responsibilities of the husband in the relationship.

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