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Masonry and the Christian

ImageThe above title is that of a book written by Robert L. McDonald. He wrote this exposé of the Masonic Lodge in 1974, having diligently researched a number of authoritative Masonic works written by 32 and 33 degree Masons such as Albert Pike and Albert G. Mackey.

It is interesting that most of the Masons brother McDonald talked with were ignorant of or disagreed with the things he uncovered. This is evident from the following quote, from page 10 of his book:

“As we read from these Masonic authorities, I want to make it very clear that I am not charging all Masons with believing what is found in these authentic books. Most Masons, with whom I have talked for any length of time, inform me they do not believe some particular point as covered in the documented material.”

(Masonry and the Christian, page 10)

However, brother McDonald made an important point in the same paragraph:

Because one is a Mason and happens to be uninformed about a particular point of Masonry, it doesn’t mean that such is not propagated in Masonry.


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Masonry in the Church

A recent edition of the River Oaks News revealed that a Christian living in the River Oaks area had received an award for his work in the Masonic Lodge. It used to be rather common to hear of Christian men who held membership in the Masonic Lodge, and who would, when confronted with the sinfulness of such membership, chose the Lodge over the Lord’s church. Continue reading » Masonry in the Church