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Podcast: Exposing False Teachers


Podcast Number 55

The apostle Paul describes the work of an evangelist in 2 Timothy 4:2-4 to be, in part, exposing those who teach error. The evangelist must do so readily, and with longsuffering. But, it must be done!

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Militance & Aggressiveness

Definition: Militant (Wikipedia) “The word militant has come to refer to any individual or party engaged in aggressive physical or verbal combat, normally for a cause…”

“…The word militant comes from the 15th Century Latin “militare” meaning “to serve as a soldier”. The related modern concept of the militia as a defensive organization against invaders grew out of the Anglo-Saxon “fyrd”. In times of crisis, the militiaman left his civilian duties and became a soldier until the emergency was over, when he returned to his civilian status.”

The term militant initially had a positive connotation. As seen by the etymology cited above, the idea of a militant centered in the defense of a cause, and referenced a man pressed into military service in defense of country.

However, in recent years the word militant has often been used as a pejorative.

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