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The Patternists: The Way of the Fool


“The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but he who heeds counsel is wise” (Proverbs 12:15).

Perhaps we live in a foolish culture, but it is typical of the religious individual today to do what “is right in his own eyes.” We have been told time and again of the confidence the fool has that “God is pleased with what I do.”

Men justify immodesty because “God created me this way, and there is nothing wrong with celebrating the beauty of our bodies.” This despite the fact that the Holy Spirit reveals that to “uncover the thigh” constitutes a nakedness that is shameful to expose (cf. Isaiah 47:2-3).

Men justify willful worship, because “God gave me this gift, and so it is pleasing to Him for me to use it.” This despite the fact that the Lord said that such worship is vain and iniquitous (cf. Matthew 7:21-23; 15:9).

Men justify the existence of denominations (division) because “God doesn’t care which church you are a member of, or what they teach, so long as you love Him.” This despite the fact that Jesus prayed to His Father, “that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me” (John 17:21; cf. 1 Corinthians 1:10).

We could go on and on with examples of such foolishness. Truly the wise man “heeds counsel” especially the Divine counsel of God’s word.

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Sermon: Products of Our Environment

Image False views on Grace, Abortion & Modesty all serve to illustrate the subtle, corrupting influence of the world upon teaching and morality.


Sermon: Retaining God’s Standard of Modesty

Fall 2014 Meeting
Speaker: Bryan Gary of Dumas, TX

In 2 Timothy 1:13, Paul wrote Timothy, “Retain the standard of sound words which you have heard from me, in the faith and love which are in Christ Jesus” (NASB).

This sixth in a series of 9 lessons emphasizes what the Bible teaches about Modesty, and examines some of the perversions of men on that aspect of God’s will.


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The Emperor’s New Clothes – Redux

modest girlThe picture to the left is not of the best quality. It is, however, striking. It is the picture of a young girl, perhaps 8 or 9 years old, who is hiding her eyes during the 2011 Toronto Pride Parade, an annual event celebrating the LBGT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender) agenda in Canada. While the picture was taken at the 2011 parade, it was published on the internet only this week. The picture (cropped from a much larger image) was taken by Steve Jalsevac of

The parade included large numbers of completely naked men and women, wearing only shoes. Transvestites were also prevalent, along with profane and sexually explicit signs and banners. Even those clothed were often dressed in very immodest attire. Thousands lined the streets. Community leaders, including participants from various area law enforcement agencies, actively took part in the parade. Many children were present, including the one in the picture.

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Invitation: Modesty is Important

Invitation delivered by: Justin Carrell

It is possible for us to dress immodestly simply because we aren’t careful. Your dress affects your influence, and may be a stumbling block to others. This lesson is an exhortation to modest dress.


Sermon: What Is…?

The lesson establishes the Old Testament’s purpose and use as it relates to the Christian’s life and instruction. Six examples are given, the last of which, What is Modest Dress?, is expounded upon in more detail.


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Sermon: Thoughts on Modesty

What does God require of a Christian in the area of Modest dress? Are we able to define clearly from the scriptures what constitutes modest dress? This sermon seeks to answer the question.


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In the News: Cheerleaders and Modesty


More and more often you hear of Christian young ladies participating in cheerleading activities. Is there anything objectionable about cheerleading? Well, yes and no. There is nothing objectionable in leading cheers at football games and other school events. However, too often cheerleading includes two things that a Christian girl should have no part in: 1) Immodest dress; and, 2) Lascivious choreography.

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Dealing With Modesty Issues

How do we deal with modesty issues? Our young people today are inundated with sensual and worldly influences, and it is important that we respond to such persuasiveness effectively. How do we equip our children, that they might know how to please God in their dress and demeanor?

This is a question that all Christian parents should ask and seek to answer, as well as gospel preachers, and elders in local congregations. I am concerned with the approach being taken by many.

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Modest Dress: A Man’s Perspective

Spring is in full bloom, and with the increase in temperatures, we see a corresponding decrease in the amount of skin covered by those who seek comfort in the sun and the approving gaze of others.

What? You say that your skimpy dress is not an attempt to gain approval (most often from the opposite gender?) Well, I was born in April, but I was not born this last April!

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In the News: Modesty Survey


I recently came across a survey on the internet, designed to ascertain what guys believe to be modest and immodest dress and behavior for girls. The survey is skewed by two things: 1) Respondents were primarily teenagers and young adult males; and, 2) Respondents were conservative in their religious views.

This bias is understandable, as the poll was designed unscientifically, and sponsored by a religious group called The Rebelution (1 Timothy 4:12, a teenage rebellion against low expectations).

The survey is subjective, asking guys whether they Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Are Neutral, Agree, or Strongly Agree with statements about issues of modesty for girls. The results are interesting, and young people are encouraged to visit the site with their parents. There will be ample opportunity for discussion as you read the results. The site URL is:

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Sermon: A Call for Modesty

The sermon teaches the importance of modesty in dress and conduct.

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Sermon: Is Dancing Sinful?

The First sermon in our series on “Simple Answers to Tough Questions.” Is Dancing Sinful?

A common sense, biblically based answer to the question.

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Sermon: Immodesty

The sermon establishes through definitions of terms what is and is not modest dress. In a society that is characterized by immodesty, this lesson is extremely important. It is especially useful for young people.

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In The News: Revealing Photos Are Becoming Passe?

inthenewsTwo decades after a nude photo scandal helped cost a Miss America her title, Americans may be adopting a more ho-hum attitude toward people who bare it all for the cameras.

Some experts say the Internet and more explicit TV are fostering a more relaxed response by Americans to public displays of bare flesh, even if many people profess to be more conservative.

Take, for example, the muted reaction to nude photos of 18-year-old Vanessa Hudgens, the star of Walt Disney Co.’s squeaky clean “High School Musical” franchise,

One day after the photos surfaced on the Web last Thursday, Hudgens issued an apology and family friendly Walt Disney Co. said it would continue negotiating her appearance in the third installment of the hugely popular series, one of the most popular programs in U.S. cable TV history.

While some expressed outrage, many fans pledged support on her MySpace page …

… Some lashed out at her critics.

“Quit moaning and if you have any kind of decent filtering on the computer, kids aren’t going to see it,” wrote one poster on a media blog Web site …

… It’s a far cry from the scandal in 1984 when Vanessa Williams, the first black woman named as Miss America, resigned after nude photos surfaced of her and another female model.
“I do think that general attitudes about nudity are becoming more relaxed, but these changes take time, which is why there’s still mixed responses,” said Paul Levinson, communication and media professor at Fordham University.

“We as a society are finally growing up and it’s a healthy thing,” he said.

Sex and nudity are also more prevalent on television, especially cable stations. Last week’s opening episode of the HBO drama “Tell Me You Love Me,” contained at least half-a-dozen sex acts.

Sue Zeidler, Reuters


Two peculiar things about this story. First, there is no outrage being heard about the 18 year old’s sexual relationship with her boyfriend. While some are upset that she took a nude photo of herself that, without her consent, became public; no one is condemning her for taking nude photographs of herself for her boyfriend, or maintaining a sexual relationship with him. Such has become so commonplace in our time that it no longer even raises questions in the mind of most.

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