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8 Questions about Music

TrebleI just watched a lengthy video featuring a number of Calvinists who were taking issue with what music in worship has become in American churches. They were concerned with too great an emphasis upon the musical style (with the most important thing being how it “makes me feel”); a willingness to put up with a church teaching error, as long as “the music is good”; and an unfortunate imbalance as music is overemphasized as a part of Christian worship.

The video was interesting, as I think it addressed problems we see in the Lord’s church as well. I personally have encountered Christians who prefer songs based upon musical style rather than the sentiment expressed; who are more interested in whether a congregation has “good singing” than whether it stands for truth; and who would travel 250 miles for an “annual” singing, but can’t be bothered to attend a neighboring congregation’s gospel meeting!

In the conclusion of the video, the narrator asked 8 questions that I think make valid points about what music should be:

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A Capella Singing

ImageIn the July 3rd issue of The Christian Chronicle, coverage was given to a recent “international symposium of sacred a cappella music, involv[-ing] members of Churches of Christ as well as Mennonites, Eastern Orthodox, Reformed Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Roman Catholics.”

The symposium was a sequel to a previous effort which took place in 2007. Concerning that event, the article notes “‘The Ascending Voice’ debuted at Pepperdine in 2007 — the brainchild of [Darryl] Tippens, who saw it as a way to celebrate and promote a cappella worship in a world of praise bands and recorded music.”

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Sermon: Singing

A general sermon on the subject of Singing. Establishes authority for the act of worship, as well as showing how various innovations regarding musical worship over the centuries are unscriptural. The sermon shows why we sing, the benefits, and gives some practical suggestions to song leaders and the congregation.

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