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This is the teaching site of the West Side church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials were written and prepared by Stan Cox

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Sermon: Reverence in Worship


The Psalmist (Psalm 89:7) calls for fear and reverence in the assemblies of the Saints. The lesson emphasizes the benefits of joy, gladness, quietness and orderliness in attaining this ideal.


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From the Preacher’s Pen: “I Do Not Like Thee, Disrespect.”


I subscribe to the “Daily Writing Tips” email distribution list. On Tuesday the message dealt with the use of the word “disrespect” as a verb. As in, “You disrespect me.” I must admit that I cringe everytime the term is used in that way, as in the past it was commonly expressed, “You show me disrespect.” (As it turns out, though it sounds objectionable, the usage is not incorrect). Following is a short poem describing the feelings I and others have about such usage:

I do not like thee, Disrespect,
Perhaps it is your sound effect,
That causes me to so object
And makes you sound so incorrect.
But this I more than just suspect:
I do not like thee, Disrespect.

Of course, much more objectionable is the act of showing disrespect toward others. Peter wrote in 1 Peter 2:17, “Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.” The word “honor” here means to revere or respect. While it is not always possible to respect the demeanor and actions of men, it is important to always approach them with honor and respect. In this, the Christian will show himself to be commendable and righteous before men.

Turns out, there is good reason to object to the action, if not the usage of the term. “I do not like thee, Disrespect!”

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Sermon: Admonitions for the Priests of God

Speaker: Jonathan Hinds

The lesson uses the text of Malachi to admonish us as the priests of God (cf. 1 Peter 2:9). It is possible to despise the name of God, to weary him by our apathetic response of faith. We must take care to worship him with reverence and zeal.


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Invitation: Fear God

Invitation delivered by: Chad Gallman

Chad uses the book of Ecclesiastes to establish the truth that man, because he is man, should fear God.


From the Preacher’s Pen: Juice and Crackers


A problem common to our time is an inappropriately casual attitude toward worship. I recently came across a quote from a preacher, dating to 1985. I do not know of him apart from the tract, titled A Burning Fire. His name is James W. Boyd:

It makes my blood nearly boil to hear the smart-aleck liberals castigate what they call “traditionalism” in such flippant terms. One describe dour worship to God as two songs, prayer, another song, “juice and crackers.” That man proved that all fools aren’t dead. The very idea of speaking of the divinely ordained memorial to the sacrifice of the Son of God as “Juice and crackers.” You can see the level of his respect for God and His will!

The man’s purpose in writing was to encourage preachers to be careful in the language they use in and out of the pulpit. He further wrote:

Reverence and respect for that which is divine and of divine order is mandatory lest we sin by being sacrilegious and blasphemous.

It is probable that the problems with such casual and unthinking attitudes have grown greater in the 35 years since this was written. It certainly is something for us to think about!

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God’s Name Must Be Revered!

(Note: The following article was written by one of the members at West Side, Tommy Davis. I commend it to you).

In our society God is being removed from our life as our Savior and replaced by using His name as merely a curse word or as a “cute” expression. Unfortunately, many who profess to be Christians are getting caught up in this as well. On some mainstream websites (Yahoo is one that comes to mind), there is a section called “OMG.” When you click on the link, it takes you to today’s newest Hollywood shocker. Most people in the younger generation will recognize this from texting as shorthand for oh my God. Other expressions like “gosh”, “jeez” and “golly”, are closely related. These offend me deeply, but more importantly, it offends God deeply.

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Sermon: Showing Respect for God and His Word (Nehemiah 8)

In Nehemiah 8, the remnant of Israel showed a respect for God and His Word, as Ezra the scribe read the law in their hearing. Such respect led to their obedience, and standing before God. Such serves as a wonderful example to us today.

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AOTS: Why Go To Worship?

AOTS Number 58

We should ask ourselves, “Why do we go to church services.” Are we interested in being entertained, or listen to a “favorite” preacher? Or are we being faithful to God?


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AOTS: The Old Paths

AOTS Number 11

A poem praising the virtues of past days where the Bible and God were respected, and there was less evil in the world.


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Sermon: Another Sermon on the Fear of God

Matthew 10 describes the limited commission given by Jesus to his disciples, and the persecution they could expect in their preaching. Our Lord indicated in the text that the fear of God should trump any fear of man, and motivate them to fulfill their duty.

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In The News: T.O. & Lord Byron

inthenewsA couple of weeks ago two events happened on the same day, that represented the best and worst of our society.

First, former pro golfer Byron Nelson passed away from natural causes after having led a long and eventful life. Second, Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Terrell Owens was admitted to the hospital after overdosing on pain medication.

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Sermon: The Reward of Reverence

If we show proper respect and deference to God, (seen primarily in our obedience to His laws), we will be rewarded with His favor. (cf. Deuteronomy 10:12-22).

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Sermon: The Fear of God

The text of Luke 12:4-7 teaches two great lessons. That man should fear God; and, that the soul of man is of great value. This sermon deals with those two major points.

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Sets and Subsets

There is a simple mathematical principle that children learn early on in their education, as they are taught “sets” of numbers.

Simply, we could state that one set of numbers would be all “positive, whole” numbers. The set would be described in the following manner:


Within that set of whole numbers, we could have a subset of all odd whole numbers that have a positive value. Described as:


Other similar sets could be represented in similar ways. Continue reading » Sets and Subsets