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Sermon: Social Drinking

ImageThe sermon examines the use of alcohol, seeking to answer from the scriptures whether it is sinful to drink what is commonly claimed to be moderate amounts of alcohol in a social setting.


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Sermon: Pitfalls !

Pitfalls are traps set by Satan, that are not always immediately evident. Satan makes his enticements seem sometimes innocent, and always enticings. We must be on Guard, because:

  • Strong Drink is a Pitfall
  • Dancing is a Pitfall
  • Evil Companionship is a Pitfall
  • Fault Finding is a Pitfall

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In The News: Can A Christian Be President

inthenewsThe question of our title is similar to other questions that have been asked. Can a Christian be a lawyer? Or, can a Christian tend bar?

Those questions speak of the morality of the two occupations. While I believe that a Christian could certainly practice law, there are certain types of lawyers who seem, if they do their job successfully, to violate Christian morality.

However, when I ask the question, “Can a Christian be President?” I am not so concerned with the ethics of the job; rather, I am referring to the electability of a Christian. I am convinced that one who truly holds to the teachings of Jesus Christ would be considered an extremist, and would have no chance of being elected to the highest office in America.

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Podcast: It Still Says Wine!


Podcast Number 34

Social Drinking apologists sometimes point to the wedding feast at Cana (where Jesus turned the water into wine) as justification for social drinking. An examination of the context, as well as the greek word for wine show this argumentation to be without merit.

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Strong Drink

“Wine is a mocker, Strong drink is a brawler, And whoever is led astray by it is not wise”
~ Proverbs 20:1

We live in a time where social drinking is considered acceptable by the worldly, and is even championed by some in the Lord’s church. There has been much said and written about the words used for wine in both the Hebrew and Greek language, but I have read little about the phrase “strong drink” found several times in the Old Testament, and once (with regard to John the Baptist) in the New Testament, in Luke (1:15).

The Hebrew word shekar, is found 24 times in the Old Testament (according to Strong’s Concordance), and is translated “strong drink” (22 times), “strong wine” (1 time), and “drunkards” (1 time). The word is defined by Genesius in his Hebrew Dictionary as “strong drink, intoxicating liquor, whether wine or intoxicating liquor like wine made from barley, or distilled from honey or dates.” Strong defines the term as “an intoxicant; i.e. intensely alcoholic liquor.

The root from which the term shekar derives, (shakar), means “to become tipsy; to be filled with drink abundantly; to become drunk” (Strong’s); and it shares it’s root with Hebrew terms shikkerown, the name of a town in Palestine which literally means drunkenness, and shikkarown, translated drunkenness.

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