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Sermon: A Primer on Tongue Speaking

The lesson compares and contrasts the modern day practice of glossolalia (ecstatic utterances of unintelligible sounds) with the New Testament practice of speaking in tongues.


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Speaking in Tongues Today

The phenomenon of “tongue speaking” is widespread among the various denominations in our time. Adherents can be found in just about every sect, including Catholicism, and one writer rightly observed, “Instead of glossolalia (tongue speaking) being interpreted as a sign from heaven, it could more appropriately be interpreted as a sign of the times.” (1) A common aspect of denominational religious experience is a rejection of an external standard of truth. Phrases such as “I know in my heart I am saved”; and “All that matters is sincerity”; and “I have had an experience better felt than told”; have replaced the sentiment “What does the Bible say?” The Charismatic practice of “tongue speaking” naturally dovetails with this experiential profession of faith. Continue reading » Speaking in Tongues Today