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This is the teaching site of the West Side church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials were written and prepared by Stan Cox

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2010 Sermon Archives

Below is a concise listing of the sermons preached in 2010, and archived on the Sound Teaching site. To view the PowerPoint files, you will need the program, or the free PowerPoint viewer.

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The Mystery Revealed


Resolutions for 2011




Christ’s Second Coming


12/12/10 Put On the New Man (Ephesians 4:17-24)

12/5/10 Controlling Your Temper PPT
12/5/10 Am I A Friend to Jesus? PPT
11/28/10 Putting Christ First (Matthew 10:34-39) MP3
11/28/10 The Purpose and Profit of Withdrawing from the Sinner PPT
11/21/10 Time and the Creation Account PPT
11/14/10 Christian Fellowship PPT MP3
11/14/10 Saved by Grace through Faith PPT MP3
11/11/10 Homesick for Heaven (Mo Hafley) MP3
11/10/10 Evidences (Mo Hafley) PPT MP3
11/10/10 Shadrach, Meshach & Abed-Nego (Mo Hafley)

11/9/10 Holy Living in an Unholy Nation (Mo Hafley) PPT MP3
11/8/10 Proper Preaching (Mo Hafley) MP3
11/7/10 Parents and Children (Mo Hafley) MP3
11/7/10 A Few Days with the Apostle Paul (Mo Hafley) MP3
11/7/10 How We Worship (Mo Hafley) MP3
11/6/10 Looking Unto Jesus (Mo Hafley) MP3
10/24/10 Revealed Truth MP3
10/24/10 Lessons from David and Goliath PPT MP3
10/17/10 Spiritual Maturity (Josh Cox) PPT MP3
10/17/10 Redemption (Tommy Davis) PPT MP3
10/10/10 Redeemed by the Blood of Christ MP3
10/3/10 Great Decisions of the Bible MP3
10/3/10 The Beatitudes of Revelation MP3
9/26/10 The Cessation of Miraculous Gifts MP3
9/26/10 Have You Changed? MP3
9/19/10 Some Practical Advice (James) MP3
9/19/10 The Problem of Sin MP3
9/12/10 Dare to be a Daniel PPT MP3
9/12/10 A Contrast Between Christianity and Islam MP3
9/5/10 Worse Than Fools MP3
9/5/10 Lessons Learned from Elijah and Obadiah PPT MP3
8/29/10 The Excuses of Moses PPT MP3
8/22/10 Appealing to Our Better Nature MP3
8/22/10 Destroying a Church PPT MP3
8/15/10 I Will PPT MP3
8/15/10 The Commitment of a Disciple PPT MP3
8/8/10 The Importance of Wisdom MP3
8/8/10 Resisting the Devil and His Devices
8/1/10 Can Evolution Be True? PPT MP3
8/1/10 Sitting at the Feet of Jesus PPT MP3
7/25/10 The Last Day DOC MP3
7/18/10 Sin and the Child of God MP3
7/18/10 Simple Truths about Marriage and Divorce
7/11/10 The Tongue PPT
7/11/10 The Nature of the Church MP3
7/4/10 Would You Be Missed? PPT MP3
7/4/10 When You Read the Scriptures PPT MP3
6/27/10 Authority by Implication PPT MP3
6/20/10 The Uniqueness of the Church PPT MP3
6/13/10 The Suffering Savior MP3
6/13/10 A Call for Modesty MP3
6/6/10 Watch Your Language (Dennis Scroggins)
6/6/10 Covering Sins MP3
5/30/10 Lessons from Rahab the Harlot (Brantley Gallman) MP3
5/30/10 Four Lessons About the Gospel PPT MP3
5/23/10 Models of Servanthood PPT MP3
5/16/10 The Wise and Foolish Virgins MP3
5/16/10 The Word of God (Nehemiah 8) PPT MP3
5/9/10 Service to the Master MP3
5/2/10 Giving and Receiving Admonition MP3
5/2/10 The Platform of Unity MP3
4/25/10 Messianic Prophecies MP3
4/25/10 Three Truths about Temptation and Sin
4/18/10 How Should You Choose Your Friends?
4/18/10 Desiring to Save Your Life PPT MP3
4/11/10 The Parable of the Persistent Widow
4/11/10 Temptation and Sin PPT MP3
4/8/10 Victory in Jesus (Micky Galloway) PPT MP3
4/7/10 What God Expects of Us as a Family (Micky
4/7/10 Jesus, the Master Teacher (Micky Galloway)
4/6/10 A Marriage That Will Not Fail (Micky Galloway) PPT MP3
4/5/10 Commitment to Family (Micky Galloway)
4/4/10 The Promise (Micky Galloway) PPT MP3
4/4/10 The Soundness of God’s People (Micky Galloway) PPT MP3
4/4/10 My People Love to Have it So (Micky Galloway) PPT MP3
3/28/10 Denouncing the Pharisee (Matthew 23)
3/28/10 The Importance of Gospel Meetings MP3
3/14/10 Why Am I Here? MP3
3/14/10 Christ and the Church PPT MP3
3/7/10 An Invitation to All Manner of Holy Living – 2 PPT MP3
3/7/10 An Invitation to All Manner of Holy Living (1 Peter) PPT MP3
2/28/10 The Children of God (Deuteronomy 14)
2/28/10 Looking Four Ways at the Lord’s Supper
2/21/10 Comparing the First and Second Adams
2/14/10 The Juxtaposition of Love and Truth

2/14/10 Sin MP3
2/7/10 7 Fundamental Facts About Heaven PPT MP3
2/7/10 Choices Local Churches Must Make PPT MP3
1/31/10 Galatians 3 PPT MP3
1/24/10 Which Is Better? PPT MP3
1/24/10 Galatians 2 PPT MP3
1/17/10 Did Judas Have Free Will? PPT MP3
1/17/10 Galatians 1 PPT MP3
1/10/10 Sinful Judging (Matthew 7:1-5)

1/10/10 Church Autonomy

1/3/10 Is It Sinful to Smoke Marijuana? MP3
1/3/10 Resolutions for the New Year MP3