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This is the teaching site of the West Side church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials were written and prepared by Stan Cox

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2011 Sermon Archives

Below is a concise listing of the sermons preached in 2011, and archived on the Sound Teaching site. To view the PowerPoint files, you will need the program, or the free PowerPoint viewer.

Click on the links to open the files, or right click to save the files to your hard drive. Clicking on the blue arrow will immediately start the audio of the lesson.

Sermon Title
12/25/11 Correcting False Views of Faith and Obedience MP3
12/25/11 Keys to a Successful Life PPT MP3
12/18/11 Indignation and Vindication MP3
12/18/11 Zeal PPT MP3
12/11/11 The Son of God Glorified (John 12) MP3
12/11/11 Harsh Words Against God (Malachi 3) MP3
12/4/11 Back to the Basics PPT MP3
12/4/11 Created for Good Works (Ephesians 2:10) PPT MP3
11/27/11 The Weakness and Foolishness of God MP3
11/27/11 Correcting Error by using Acts 8 MP3
11/20/11 The Correct Path to Unity MP3
11/20/11 What Should I Do? PPT MP3
11/13/11 Thoughts on Modesty PPT MP3
11/13/11 What Do We Require? PPT MP3
11/10/11 Move Not the Ancient Landmarks (Wayne Goforth) PPT MP3
11/9/11 How the Devil Uses Scripture (Wayne Goforth) MP3
11/9/11 Sin, Suffering and God (Wayne Goforth) MP3
11/8/11 The Religion of Islam (Wayne Goforth) PPT MP3
11/7/11 Is the Church of Christ a Cult? (Wayne Goforth) PPT MP3
11/6/11 Jesus, the Son of God and God the Son (Wayne Goforth) MP3
11/6/11 The Devices of the Devil (Wayne Goforth) PPT MP3
11/6/11 Dinosaurs and the Bible (Wayne Goforth) PPT MP3
11/5/11 Let Not the Church be Burdened (Wayne Goforth) PPT MP3
10/30/11 True Greatness MP3
10/23/11 Why God’s Word Cannot Be Destroyed MP3
10/16/11 The Absurdity of Tolerating Error MP3
10/16/11 The Proper Response to Persecution MP3
10/9/11 Doors PPT MP3
10/9/11 How to be Successful in Prayer PPT MP3
10/2/11 Concepts of Authority (8) Scriptures That Inspire MP3
10/2/11 I Am Not the Pastor! PPT MP3
9/25/11 Concepts of Authority (7) The Inherent Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ PPT MP3
9/25/11 A Good Disciple PPT MP3
9/18/11 The Preacher: Wages and Work MP3
9/18/11 Giving a Sense of Peter’s Pentecost Sermon MP3
9/11/11 7 Fundamental Facts About Hell PPT MP3
9/11/11 Five Views of Baptism (Mark 16:16) PPT MP3
9/4/11 Shortsightedness (2 Peter 1:5-11) MP3
9/4/11 Preaching Amidst Tribulation (Acts 14) MP3
8/28/11 The Lost Son (Luke 15:11-32) PPT MP3
8/28/11 Characteristics of Christ’s Gospel PPT MP3
8/21/11 Six Literal Days MP3
8/21/11 Keep Yourself PPT MP3
8/14/11 Please His Neighbor for His Good (Romans 15:1-7) MP3
8/14/11 Concepts of Authority (6) Generic & Specific Authority and Expediency PPT MP3
8/7/11 Must I Spank My Child? (Dennis Craig) MP3
7/31/11 Ignorance II (Sequel to 6/26/11) PPT MP3
7/24/11 MDR: One, and Only One Exception MP3
7/24/11 A Life of Love PPT MP3
7/17/11 Characterizing the Gospel (1 Corinthians 1:18-31) MP3
7/17/11 The Goals of Parenting PPT MP3
7/10/11 Do Not Look At Worthless Things PPT MP3
7/10/11 What Jesus Will Not Do When He Comes Again PPT MP3
7/3/11 Partakers of Christ (Hebrews 3:14) MP3
6/26/11 Ignorance PPT MP3
6/26/11 The Destructive Power of Pride PPT MP3
6/19/11 Put on the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 13:11-14) MP3
6/19/11 Concepts of Authority (5) Individual VS Collective Action PPT MP3
6/12/11 Victory & Defeat: Righteousness and Sin MP3
6/12/11 The Reward of Reverence PPT MP3
6/5/11 The Serious Work of Preaching (2 Timothy 2) MP3
6/5/11 A Hard Saying of Jesus (John 6) MP3
5/29/11 The Kind of Preaching Needed Today PPT MP3
5/22/11 The Beginning of Holiness (1 Peter 1:13-16) PPT MP3
5/22/11 The Church of Christ IS NOT… PPT MP3
5/15/11 “And the Lord turned and looked at Peter” PPT MP3
5/15/11 Concepts of Authority (4) Who is Herman? PPT MP3
5/12/11 The Longest Three Days (Kris Braddock) PPTX MP3
5/11/11 Institutionalism and “Battles of the Past” (Kris Braddock) PPTX MP3
5/10/11 Book, Chapter, Verse (Kris Braddock) PPT MP3
5/9/11 Calling on the Name of the Lord (Kris Braddock) PPTX MP3
5/8/11 Must We be Perfect to be Pleasing? (3) (Kris Braddock) PPTX MP3
5/8/11 Coming to Agreement on Matters of Faith (2) (Kris Braddock) PPTX MP3
5/8/11 The Biblical Basis of Fellowship (1) (Kris Braddock) PPTX MP3
5/7/11 The Christian and the Environment (Kris Braddock) PPTX MP3
5/1/11 Concepts of Authority (3) Silence & Authority PPT MP3
5/1/11 Self PPT MP3
4/24/11 Have No Confidence in the Flesh (Philippians 3) MP3
4/24/11 Concepts of Authority (2) – Those Terrible Pharisees PPT MP3
4/17/11 Concepts of Authority (1) – The Effects of Postmodernism PPT MP3
4/17/11 The Ephemeral Life MP3
4/10/11 A Trip to the Philippines (Chip Foster) PPTX MP3
4/10/11 The Conflict Over Circumcision (Acts 15) PPT MP3
4/3/11 Fear Men? Or God? (Matthew 10:27-33) MP3
4/3/11 Verses Dealing with Fellowship PPT MP3
3/27/11 New Testament Evangelism PPT MP3
3/13/11 Hate and Persecution MP3
3/13/11 Lessons from a Cataclysm MP3
3/6/11 Focus and Effort (Philippians 4:8) MP3
3/6/11 Characteristics of Acceptable Prayer PPT MP3
2/27/11 Job and the Problem of Suffering PPT MP3
2/27/11 Tents of the Righteous PPT MP3
2/20/11 Doctrine and Manner of Life (2 Timothy 3) MP3
2/20/11 Five Steps to Salvation PPT MP3
2/13/11 Reputation or Character? MP3
2/13/11 Is the Premillennial Doctrine of the Rapture Defensible from Scripture? PPT MP3
2/6/11 Worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth (Josh Cox) MP3
2/6/11 Satan Exists (Dennis Craig) MP3
1/30/11 Reflecting Christ PPT MP3
1/23/11 The Gospel – Veiled or Shining? PPT MP3
1/23/11 Why You Should Love God PPT MP3
1/16/11 The Kingdom of God MP3
1/2/11 Exhortations to Philippi PPT MP3

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