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This is the teaching site of the West Side church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials were written and prepared by Stan Cox

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2012 Sermon Archives

Below is a concise listing of the sermons preached in 2012, and archived on the Sound Teaching site. To view the PowerPoint files, you will need the program, or the free PowerPoint viewer.

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Sermon Title
12/30/12 How to Excel at Life (Brantley Gallman) MP3
12/16/12 5 Things God’s Children Should Never Worry About PPTX MP3
12/16/12 I Can Do All Things (Phil. 4:4-13) 6 of 8 PPTX MP3
12/9/12 Accepting the Bible at Face Value MP3
12/9/12 Hard Pressed but Not Crushed (2 Cor. 4&5) 5 of 8 PPTX MP3
12/2/12 The Defense of Paul (Acts 21-26) MP3
12/2/12 The Resurrection (1 Cor. 15) 4 of 8 PPTX MP3
11/25/12 Philip’s Part in the Eunuch’s Conversion MP3
11/25/12 Super Conquerors (Romans 8:31-39) 3 of 8 PPTX MP3
11/18/12 One Mind and One Mouth (Romans 15:1-6) MP3
11/18/12 The Testimony of Nature (Psa. 19:1-6) 2 of 8 PPTX MP3
11/11/12 The Throne Room of God (Rev. 4 & 5) 1 of 8 PPTX MP3
11/8/12 Strive to Enter In (Marc Smith) PPTX MP3
11/7/12 Age of Accountability (Marc Smith) PPTX MP3
11/7/12 Dwelling in the House of Mourning (Marc Smith) PPTX MP3
11/6/12 Why We Do Not Use Hand Made Music in Worship (Marc Smith) PPTX MP3
11/5/12 Desensitized (Part 2) (Marc Smith) PPTX MP3
11/4/12 Desensitized (Part 1) (Marc Smith) PPTX MP3
11/4/12 “Borne by Four” (Marc Smith) PPT MP3
11/4/12 Jesus’ Five Principles of Prayer (Marc Smith) MP3
11/3/12 Conservative or Liberal? (Marc Smith) PPTX MP3
10/28/12 Spiritual Soundness MP3
10/28/12 Are Gospel Meetings Relevant? MP3
10/21/12 Things that Prevent God from Answering Prayer MP3
10/21/12 The Power and Purpose of the Resurreciton (1 Corinthians 15) MP3
10/14/12 After the Trial of Christ (Chad Gallman) MP3
10/14/12 Shall I Get a Tattoo? (Josh Cox) PPTX MP3
10/7/12 Associating with the Worldlly MP3
10/7/12 The Voice of God MP3
9/30/12 The Called Out MP3
9/23/12 The Crossroads of Life PPTX MP3
9/23/12 The Consequences of Sin MP3
9/16/12 Be Angry, and Do Not Sin PPT MP3
9/16/12 Does the Lord Require Too Much? PPT MP3
9/9/12 This is a Faithful Saying PPTX MP3
9/9/12 Faith and Friendship PPTX MP3
9/2/12 Perilous Times MP3
9/2/12 The Shedding of Blood MP3
8/26/12 The Nature of Paul’s Preaching (1 Cor. 2) MP3
8/26/12 What Is… PPTX MP3
8/19/12 A Personal Relationship with God PPTX MP3
8/19/12 Concepts of Authority (9) Inference and Silence PPT MP3
8/12/12 Learning from Israel’s Mistakes (Josh Cox) MP3
8/12/12 What Can I Do? (Josh Cox) MP3
8/5/12 Resolve PPTX
8/5/12 Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior (Acts 2:25-ff) MP3
7/29/12 But Seek First the Kingdom of God PPTX MP3
7/22/12 The Triumphal Entry (John 12) MP3
7/22/12 Listen to the Preacher (Ecclesiastes) MP3
7/15/12 The Carnal Mind and Division (1 Cor. 3) MP3
7/15/12 Knowledge Puffs Up PPTX MP3
7/8/12 The Tax Collector PPTX MP3
7/8/12 Characteristics of a Fool PPTX MP3
7/1/12 An Admonition to be Sanctified (2 Cor. 6) MP3
7/1/12 A Real Man PPT MP3
6/24/12 The Preeminent Christ (Colossians) MP3
6/24/12 Playing for Keeps MP3
6/17/12 The Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15) MP3
6/17/12 They Had Been With Jesus PPT MP3
6/10/12 How to be Just a Christian MP3
6/10/12 Must We Obey Jesus? MP3
6/3/12 The Promises to Abraham MP3
6/3/12 What Is Godly Sorrow? MP3
5/27/12 Defeatism (Bob Ward) MP3
5/20/12 The Importance of Christ’s Church PPT MP3
5/20/12 “You thought that I was altogether like you” PPT MP3
5/13/12 Mental Divorce PPT MP3
5/13/12 Apathy to Zeal PPT MP3
5/10/12 Now that the meeting is over, What Next? (Chip Foster) PPTX MP3
5/9/12 Priscilla and Aquila (Chip Foster) PPTX MP3
5/9/12 Lamentations of Jeremiah (Chip Foster) PPTX MP3
5/8/12 Delilah and Jezebel (Chip Foster) PPTX MP3
5/7/12 Salvation and the Man from Ethiopia (Chip Foster) PPTX MP3
5/6/12 Two Cons (Chip Foster) PPTX MP3
5/6/12 Hosea’s Seven (Chip Foster) PPTX MP3
5/6/12 Angels (Chip Foster) PPTX MP3
5/5/12 The Tri-Fold Character (Luke 7:1-11) (Chip Foster) PPTX MP3
4/29/12 Condemned by Others PPT MP3
4/22/12 You! Sir. A Prophet. The Messiah! (John 4) MP3
4/22/12 The Goodness and Severity of God MP3
4/15/12 Helpful Passages for Different Seekers PPT MP3
4/15/12 Why Go to Worship? PPT MP3
4/8/12 7 Things the Lord Loves MP3
4/8/12 Abraham – A Friend of God MP3
4/1/12 Who Killed Jesus? PPT MP3
4/1/12 The Responsibilities of Parents PPT MP3
3/25/12 Further Clothed (2 Corinthians 5:1-9) MP3
3/25/12 7 Promises of God PPT MP3
3/18/12 Dangers Facing the Church PPT MP3
3/11/12 The Facts About Jesus PPT MP3
3/11/12 Who is the minister in your church? PPT MP3
3/4/12 Walking in the Light (1 John 1:7) PPT MP3
3/4/12 “You have not passed this way before” (Joshua 3:1-5) PPT MP3
2/26/12 Some Will Depart from the Faith MP3
2/26/12 Answering Pharaoh’s Question PPT MP3
2/19/12 Report on Philippine Trip (Chip Foster) PPTX MP3
2/19/12 A Little Profit (1 Timothy 4:7-9) PPT MP3
2/12/12 Rehoboam – A Failure in Leadership PPT MP3
2/12/12 The Conscience of Man PPT MP3
2/5/12 Five Great Bible Questions MP3 / Prezi Zip / DOC
2/5/12 Restoring the Erring PPT MP3
1/29/12 The Path of All Men MP3 / Prezi Zip / DOC
1/22/12 The Ephesian Disciples (Acts 19:1-7) MP3
1/22/12 The Awareness of God PPT MP3
1/15/12 Peter’s Sermon (Who? What? Where? When? Why?) Acts 2 MP3
1/15/12 Backsliding PPT MP3
1/8/12 The Gospel of Jesus Christ MP3
1/8/12 Stewardship PPT MP3
1/1/12 Are There to be Watchmen in Spiritual Israel Today? (Dennis Scroggins) MP3
1/1/12 Blessings of the Blood of Christ PPT MP3

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