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This is the teaching site of the West Side church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials were written and prepared by Stan Cox

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2013 Sermon Archives

Below is a concise listing of the sermons preached in 2013, and archived on the Sound Teaching site. To view the PowerPoint files, you will need the program, or the free PowerPoint viewer.

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Sermon Title
12/29/13 Let Us… (Jonathan Hinds) PPTX MP3
12/22/13 Admonitions to Young Preachers 3 (His Purpose)  (Note: Part 4 of 4 is located in 2014 Sermon archives, January 5) PPTX MP3
12/22/13 My Will VS Thy Will PPTX MP3
12/15/13 Admonitions to Young Preachers 2 (His Work) PPTX MP3
12/15/13 Selflessness – Love’s Foundation MP3
12/1/13 Admonitions to Young Preachers 1(His Character) PPTX MP3
12/1/13 Dare to be a Daniel PPT MP3
11/24/13 Inheriting the Promises PPTX MP3
11/17/13 I Am the Vine (John 15:1-8) MP3
11/17/13 Stop Waiting in Line! PPTX MP3
11/10/13 Where Are the Nine? (Luke 17) MP3
11/10/13 The Significance of the Lord’s Resurrection PPTX MP3
11/7/13 Before the Judgment Seat (Jerry Fite) PPTX MP3
11/6/13 A Plan for Raising Children to be Joyous Christians (Jerry Fite) PPTX MP3
11/6/13 Pay Attention to Your Speech (James 3:1-12) (Jerry Fite) PPTX MP3
11/5/13 Must I Forgive? Then How? (Jerry Fite) PPTX MP3
11/4/13 Hold to the Pattern of Sound Words (Jerry Fite) PPTX MP3
11/3/13 Applying the Minister’s Checklist (Jerry Fite) PPTX MP3
11/3/13 Why Do You Do Good Works? (Jerry Fite) PPTX MP3
11/3/13 The New Testament Canon (Jerry Fite) PPTX MP3
11/2/13 Unity in the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12) (Jerry Fite) PPTX MP3
10/27/13 The Hope of Heaven (Josh Cox) MP3
10/20/13 General Aspects of the Christian Character MP3
10/13/13 What the Bible Says About Teenagers (Armando Vera) MP3
10/13/13 Being Ready to Receive the Word (Josh Cox) MP3
10/6/13 Paul’s Exasperated Love for the Church at Corinth MP3
10/6/13 Will You be Missed if Your Seat is Empty? MP3
9/29/13 Our Reward for Standing MP3
9/22/13 The Elect of God (Colossians 3:12) MP3
9/22/13 A Covenant with My Eyes PPTX MP3
9/15/13 The Obedient Son (Jeremiah Cox) MP3
9/15/13 Jesus is the Way PPTX MP3
9/8/13 If Then You Were Raised With Christ MP3
9/8/13 Self-Sufficiency PPTX MP3
9/1/13 Elevating Men (1 Corinthians 3:1-9) MP3
9/1/13 Our God is Able PPTX MP3
8/25/13 Admonitions for the Priests of God (Jonathan Hinds) MP3
8/25/13 Now That I’m A Christian (Dennis Craig) MP3
8/18/13 A Primer on Tongue Speaking PPTX MP3
8/18/13 Showing Respect for God and His Word PPT MP3
8/11/13 One Another DOCX MP3
8/11/13 The New Man of God (Ephesians 4:17-24) PPT MP3
8/4/13 When Did Jesus Establish His Kingdom? MP3
8/4/13 True Joy PPT MP3
7/28/13 It’s All About Jesus Christ (Philippians 4) MP3
7/28/13 Wise Men Still Seek Him PPTX MP3
7/21/13 The Consequences of Accepting Jesus as Lord MP3
7/21/13 Choices Local Churches Must Make PPT MP3
7/14/13 A Single Minded Pursuit of the Kingdom MP3
7/14/13 Increase Our Faith (Luke 17:5-10) PPTX MP3
7/7/13 Stand Still PPTX No Audio recorded
7/7/13 Divergent Views of Baptism PPTX MP3
6/30/13 What Can the Righteous Do? PPTX MP3
6/23/13 The Outward Man VS The Inward Man MP3
6/23/13 The Ark of the Covenant PPTX MP3
6/9/13 The Excuses of Moses PPT MP3
6/9/13 Saving Your Life by Losing It (Luke 9:24) MP3
6/2/13 Are You A Mature Christian? MP3
6/2/13 There Is Only One God MP3
5/19/13 The Best Way to Live Your Life MP3
5/19/13 The Sanctified Home PPT MP3
5/12/13 On What Are You Building Your Life (Jeremiah Cox) MP3
5/12/13 Three Responses to the Gospel MP3
5/9/13 Live Like You Were Dying (Brett Hogland) MP3
5/8/13 Those Who Wait on the Lord (Brett Hogland) MP3
5/8/13 Baptized into Moses (Brett Hogland) MP3
5/7/13 Calling on the Name of the Lord (Brett Hogland) MP3
5/6/13 Fellowship and Honesty (Brett Hogland) MP3
5/5/13 Lay Aside Every Weight (2) (Brett Hogland) MP3
5/5/13 Lay Aside Every Weight (1) (Brett Hogland) MP3
5/5/13 Receiving the Word with All Readiness (Brett Hogland) MP3
5/4/13 Moses and the Rock of Stumbling (Brett Hogland) MP3
4/28/13 The Call of Christ (Jeremiah Cox) MP3
4/21/13 Where Paul’s Authority Came From MP3
4/21/13 The Plan of Salvation MP3
4/14/13 Purity in Conscience
4/14/13 The Church That Jesus Built PPTX MP3
4/7/13 Do Not Be Unequally Yoked Together with Unbelievers MP3
4/7/13 Heed the Teaching of Jesus (Luke 12) MP3
3/31/13 Are You Ready for Judgment? (Jeremiah Cox) MP3
3/31/13 For Such a Time as This (Esther) PPTX MP3
3/24/13 Comfort in Tribulation (2 Corinthians 1:3-7) MP3
3/17/13 “Let us go on to perfection” (Hebrews 5&6) PPTX MP3
3/10/13 Resurrection Facts PPTX MP3
3/10/13 Teach Me, O Lord PPTX MP3
3/3/13 The Resurrection of Lazarus MP3
3/3/13 Remember the Death of Christ PPTX MP3
2/24/13 The Sufficiency of the Scriptures (Josh Cox) MP3
2/24/13 The Cost of our Discipleship (Jonathan Hinds) MP3
2/17/13 The Gospel of Jesus Christ PPTX MP3
2/17/13 The Courage of Our Convictions PPT MP3
2/10/13 The Sanctity of Life MP3
2/10/13 God is Impartial MP3
2/3/13 The Promise of Heaven PPTX MP3
2/3/13 “Whose Faith Follow” PPTX MP3
1/27/13 What About the Thief on the Cross? MP3
1/27/13 Consequences of the Lordship of Jesus PPT MP3
1/20/13 Calvinism Examined PPTX MP3
1/20/13 The Incarnate Word (John 1:1-18) (8 of 8) PPTX MP3
1/13/13 Humbly Accepting Truth (1 Corinthians 2:1-13) MP3
1/13/13 Descriptions of God’s People PPT MP3
1/6/13 2013 (Resolutions for the New Year) PPTX MP3
1/6/13 The Unknown God (Acts 17) (7 of 8) PPTX MP3

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