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This is the teaching site of the West Side church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials were written and prepared by Stan Cox

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2014 Sermon Archives

Below is a concise listing of the sermons preached in 2014, and archived on the Sound Teaching site. To view the PowerPoint files, you will need the program, or the free PowerPoint viewer.

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Sermon Title
12/28 The Value of a Single Soul MP3
12/28 Considering “Consider” MP3
12/21 Characteristics of the Mature Christian MP3 (2)
12/14 Marriage and Divorce MP3
12/14 Wise Men Still Seek Him MP3
12/7 A Fool for Christ (2 Corinthians 11 & 12) MP3
12/7 Lamentable Apathy (Lamentations 1) MP3
11/30 The Building Blocks of Christian Character MP3
11/23 The Lord’s Supper – A Study in Authority PPTX MP3 (2)
MP3 (1)
11/16 Institutionalism PPTX MP3 (2)
MP3 (1)
11/9 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth PPTX MP3 (2)
11/6 Retaining God’s Standard of Salvation (Bryan Gary) PPT MP3
11/5 Retaining God’s Standard of Marriage (Bryan Gary) PPT MP3
11/5 Retaining God’s Standard of Benevolence (Bryan Gary) MP3
11/4 Retaining God’s Standard of Modesty (Bryan Gary) PPT MP3
11/3 Retaining God’s Standard of Evangelism (Bryan Gary) PPT MP3
11/2 Retaining God’s Standard of Discipline (Bryan Gary) PPT MP3
11/2 Retaining God’s Standard of Worship (Bryan Gary) PPT MP3
11/2 Retaining God’s Standard of Organization (Bryan Gary) PPT MP3
11/1 Retaining God’s Standard of Authority (Bryan Gary) PPT MP3
10/26 The Action of Repentance (Josh Cox) MP3
10/26 The Sin of Partiality (Josh Cox) MP3
10/19 The Worship of the Samaritans PPTX MP3
10/19 The Cowboy Bible PPTX MP3
10/12 Caleb Followed the Lord Fully PPTX MP3
10/12 Identifying the New Testament Church PPT MP3
10/5/14 “They had been with Jesus” PPTX MP3
10/5/14 “Let us go on to perfection” PPTX MP3
9/28/14 Hagar and Sarah MP3
9/28/14 This Side or That Side MP3
9/21/14 Words of Wisdom (Ecclesiastes) MP3
9/21/14 Soldiers of Christ MP3
9/14/14 What Will You Do With Your Sin? MP3
9/14/14 A Heart with Purpose MP3
9/7/14 Psalm 119 (The Benefits of God’s Word) MP3
9/7/14 The Christian’s Place in the World PPTX MP3
8/31/14 Sinful Lust PPTX MP3
8/24/14 Principles of Service (2 Corinthians 8) MP3
8/24/14 The Second Coming of Christ PPT MP3
8/17/14 Declaring the Gospel PPT MP3
8/17/14 A Reciprocity of Love PPT MP3
8/10/14 The State of Israel without Christ MP3
8/10/14 A Committed Life PPT MP3
8/3/14 Sins of Omission PPTX MP3
8/3/14 Proper Attitudes toward Spiritual Work PPT MP3
7/27/14 Trusting God with your Life – Psalm 5 PPTX Audio not available
7/27/14 Blotted Out PPTX MP3
7/20/14 The Obligations of Freedom in
7/20/14 What About the Thief? PPTX MP3
7/13/14 Tolerating Sin (Josh Cox) MP3
7/13/14 At the Crossroads PPTX MP3
7/6/14 Truth and Lies (Christ and Satan) John 8 MP3
7/6/14 Spiritual Maturity PPTX MP3
6/29/14 Elders and Deacons (Appt. & Qualifications) PPTX MP3
6/15/14 Hiding Your Faith PPTX MP3
6/8/14 Brotherly Love (Philemon) MP3
6/8/14 What is the Lordship of Jesus Christ? PPTX MP3
6/1/14 Top Deathbed Regrets PPTX MP3
6/1/14 King David’s Charge (1 Kings 2:1-4) PPTX MP3
5/25/14 Rebellion Against Authority (Bob Ward) MP3
5/25/14 Hope (Armando Vera) MP3
5/18/14 Is There Not A Cause? PPTX MP3
5/18/14 May the Lord Bless You PPTX MP3
5/11/14 Is There Not A Cause? PPTX MP3
5/11/14 May the Lord Bless You PPTX MP3
5/11/14 A Good Old Age (Bob Ward) MP3
5/11/14 That Good Part (Bob Ward) MP3
5/4/14 Are Those in the Church the Only Ones Saved? PPTX MP3(Part 2)
MP3(Part 1)
5/1/14 Six Things Christians Should Just Stop Saying (Kyle Campbell) MP3
4/30/14 How to Know You Are Spiritually Dying (Kyle Campbell) MP3
4/30/14 How to Get What You Want (Kyle Campbell) MP3
4/29/14 Misconceptions of the New Testament Position (Kyle Campbell) MP3
4/28/14 From Heaven or From Men? (Kyle Campbell) MP3
4/27/14 Blood in the Scheme of Redemption (Kyle Campbell) MP3
4/27/14 Am I Ready to be Baptized? (Kyle Campbell) MP3
4/27/14 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Christians (Kyle Campbell) MP3
4/26/14 Can Conservative Churches of Christ Grow Today? (Kyle Campbell) MP3
4/20/14 Trusting God to Save MP3
4/20/14 Selling Our Birthright PPTX MP3
4/13/14 The Transformed Life (Romans 12:1-2) MP3
4/13/14 Why Did God Create the World? PPTX MP3
4/6/14 What Repentance is Not PPTX MP3
4/6/14 Hannah’s Prayer PPTX MP3
3/30/14 Blessings from God (Josh Cox) MP3
3/30/14 Noah PPTX MP3
3/23/14 The Dangers of the Comfortable Life PPTX MP3
3/23/14 Christ Our Sacrifice PPTX MP3
3/16/14 Keeping in the Love of God (Brantley Gallman) MP3
3/9/14 Jesus’ Walk on the Water PPTX MP3
3/9/14 God Said It! PPTX MP3
3/2/14 The Body of Christ PPTX MP3
2/23/14 Miscellaneous Admonitions (Romans 15) MP3
2/23/14 Exhortations to Philippi PPT MP3
2/16/14 Young People PPTX MP3
2/16/14 The Many Factors in Man’s Salvation PPTX MP3
2/9/14 The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ MP3
2/9/14 The Prayer Life of Jesus PPTX MP3
2/2/14 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage PPTX MP3
1/26/14 Can you get away with it? PPTX MP3
1/26/14 The High Cost of a Free Gift PPTX MP3
1/19/14 The Human Heart MP3
1/19/14 The Resurrection Day PPTX MP3
1/12/14 Punctuation PPTX MP3
1/12/14 Paul’s Success in Thessalonica PPTX MP3
1/5/14 Admonitions to Young Preachers 4 PPTX MP3
1/5/14 Neither Will I Be With You Anymore PPTX MP3

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