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This is the teaching site of the West Side church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials were written and prepared by Stan Cox

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2015 Sermon Archives

Below is a concise listing of the sermons preached in 2015, and archived on the Sound Teaching site. To view the PowerPoint files, you will need the program, or the free PowerPoint viewer.

Click on the links to open the files, or right click to save the files to your hard drive. Clicking on the blue arrow will immediately start the audio of the lesson.

Sermon Title
12/27/15 A Self-Imposed Famine (Amos 8:11-14) MP3
12/27/15 The Three “R’s” PPTX MP3
12/20/15 Sons of the Day MP3
12/20/15 A Pervasive Faith PPTX MP3
12/13/15 Great is the Mystery of Godliness PPTX MP3
12/13/15 Antipathy Towards Autonomy PPTX MP3
12/6/15 Praise the Lord! (Psalm 111) MP3
12/6/15 The High Cost of Sin PPTX MP3
11/29/15 the URGENCY of the Gospel PPTX MP3
11/22/15 The Good Fight of Faith PPTX MP3
11/22/15 “I have set the Lord always before me” PPTX MP3
11/15/15 DANGER Signs of Apostasy PPTX MP3
11/15/15 Who is the minister at your church? PPTX MP3
11/12/15 The Word Became Flesh (Carl Allen) MP3
11/11/15 Developing the Inward Man (Carl Allen) MP3
11/11/15 Women in the Church (Carl Allen) MP3
11/10/15 The Seed of Abraham (Carl Allen) MP3
11/9/15 The Law of Christ (Carl Allen) MP3
11/8/15 True Worship (Carl Allen) MP3
11/8/15 Water Baptism (Carl Allen) MP3
11/8/15 “He shall build a house for My name” (Carl Allen) MP3
11/7/15 The Eternal Purpose of God (Carl Allen) MP3
11/1/15 A Doorkeeper in God’s House (Psalm 84:10) MP3
11/1/15 Influence (Why it Matters…) PPTX MP3
10/25/15 Bitter Words PPTX MP3
10/25/15 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior PPTX MP3
10/18/15 The Way of the Transgressor is Hard MP3
10/18/15 What Did Paul See While Blind? PPTX MP3
10/11/15 The Story of Jehu (Brantley Gallman) MP3
10/11/15 The Christian’s Attitude Toward Sin (Josh Cox) MP3
10/4/15 The Conversion of the Samaritans MP3
10/4/15 A Report on the Lord’s Work in Bastrop (Steven Sarff) MP3
9/27/15 The Blessings of the Redeemed MP3
9/27/15 The Potter and the Clay PPTX MP3
9/20/15 Integrity PPTX MP3
9/20/15 Fighting Against God PPTX MP3
9/13/15 The Christian’s Response to Suffering (Josh Cox) MP3
9/13/15 The Mind of Christ (Brantley Gallman) MP3
9/6/15 Anatomy of Institutional Apostasy MP3
9/6/15 Steps of Salvation PPTX MP3
8/30/15 Drawing Near to Christ Through Song MP3
8/30/15 Followers of Christ PPTX MP3
8/23/15 Anger and Wrath PPTX MP3
8/23/15 Challenges in Personal Evangelism MP3
8/16/15 Grace and Obedience MP3
8/16/15 How Would Your Life Differ? PPTX MP3
8/9/15 The Christ Entering Jerusalem MP3
8/9/15 Products of Our Environment MP3
8/2/15 Making Wise Decisions PPTX MP3
8/2/15 Cyber-Sin PPTX MP3
7/26/15 Satan’s World PPTX MP3
7/26/15 The Levites Left (2 Chronicles 11:14) PPTX MP3
7/19/15 A Holy Priesthood PPTX MP3
7/19/15 Back to Basics – The church of Christ PPTX MP3
7/12/15 Jesus Saves Us From Despair (low quality audio) MP3
7/12/15 By the Grace of God PPTX MP3
7/5/15 Mercy and Truth Have Met Together (Psa. 85:10) MP3
7/5/15 Sharing the Gospel PPTX MP3
6/28/15 Attitudes in Acts MP3
6/28/15 Elijah and John the Baptist PPTX MP3
6/21/15 Exhortations from Hebrews (13:1-17) MP3
6/21/15 Let Brotherly Love Continue PPTX MP3
6/14/15 The Fruit of the Spirit – Peace (Lesson 2) PPTX MP3
6/14/15 The Fruit of the Spirit – Peace (Lesson 1) PPTX MP3
6/7/15 Departing from the living God PPTX MP3
6/7/15 Some Uses of the Tongue PPTX MP3
5/31/15 Wood of the Vine (Ezekiel 15) PPTX MP3
5/24/15 David’s Mighty Men (Jonathan Hinds) MP3
5/17/15 The TRUE Daniel Plan PPTX MP3
5/17/15 Sorrow for Sin PPTX MP3
5/13/15 The Second Coming of Christ (Heath Rogers) PPTX MP3
5/12/15 Can We Understand the Bible Alike? (Heath Rogers) PPTX MP3
5/12/15 A Man After God’s Own Heart (Heath Rogers) PPTX MP3
5/11/15 Mediocrity (Heath Rogers) PPTX MP3
5/11/15 The Grace of God (Heath Rogers) PPTX MP3
5/10/15 Making Evangelism a Priority (Heath Rogers) PPTX MP3
5/10/15 Lessons from Hezekiah’s Prayer (Heath Rogers) PPTX MP3
5/10/15 Help in Times of Trouble (Philippians 4:4-13) (Heath Rogers) PPTX MP3
5/9/15 “Whom Are You Seeking?” (Heath Rogers) PPTX MP3
5/3/15 Godly Ambition VS Selfish Ambition MP3
5/3/15 the Righteousness of God PPTX MP3
4/26/15 The Limiting Nature of God’s Authority MP3
4/26/15 The Importance of Gospel Meetings MP3
4/19/15 The Church – Man Didn’t Do It PPTX MP3
4/19/15 7 Keys to Raising Godly Children PPTX MP3
4/12/15 Stephen’s Defense and Death MP3
4/12/15 What Did God Name His Church? PPTX MP3
4/5/15 Paul’s Love for the Ephesians MP3
4/5/15 A  Faithless and Perverse Generation PPTX MP3
3/29/15 Ways of the Wise PPTX MP3
3/22/15 Calling on the Name of the Lord (Josh Cox) MP3
3/22/15 Responsibilities in the Covenant of Marriage (Josh Cox) MP3
3/15/15 Remember Shiloh! (Jeremiah 7) PPTX MP3
3/15/15 The Power of Love and Truth PPTX MP3
3/8/15 It was God’s will that Christ die (Hebrews 10:1-10) MP3
3/8/15 Stand Fast in the Lord (Philippians 4:1-9) MP3
3/1/15 Walk in Love, Light and Wisdom (Ephesians 5) MP3
3/1/15 The Excuses of Moses (Exodus 3) PPTX MP3
2/22/15 God is not like us (Psalm 50:21) PPTX MP3
2/15/15 Friendship (Josh Cox) MP3
2/15/15 Spread the Gospel (Matthew 10) (Josh Cox) MP3
2/8 /15 This day is a day of good news (2 Kings 7) PPTX MP3
2/8/15 Prove yourself a man (1 Kings 2) PPTX MP3
2/1/15 The Mystery Revealed (Ephesians 3) MP3
2/1/15 little gods PPTX MP3
1/25/15 Speaking the Truth Honestly PPTX MP3
1/25/15 Rescue the Perishing PPTX MP3
1/18/15 Explaining Matthew 24 MP3
1/18/15 The Final Judgment (Matthew 25:31-46) MP3
1/11/15 What Is Predestination? (Josh Cox) MP3
1/11/15 The Importance of God’s Word (Josh Cox) MP3
1/4/15 Religious, Yet Lost PPTX MP3
1/4/15 God’s Measure PPTX MP3

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