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Clergy Debate New Approach to Morality


Straight people aren’t the only ones in God’s congregation in Rev. Carlyle Stewart’s view.

“People who are homosexual are worthy of God’s love and they are open to God’s gifts and graces,” said Stewart, the senior pastor of Hope United Methodist Church in Southfield.

Stewart and Rabbi Tamara Kolton of the Birmingham Temple in Farmington Hills spoke about faith and morality at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Royal Oak on May 24. [Both towns in Michigan, SC]

The talk, presented by the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights, was intended to spark a conversation in the community at large about morality in the face of conservative religious figures’ political ascendance.

Before the gathering, Rabbi Kolton said gays and lesbians are more than welcome at her congregation.

“We are excited to have their participation and voice,” she said. “The Birmingham Temple was founded on the principal of human dignity.”

Many of the members of the Temple don’t believe in God, said Kolton, who describes herself as an agnostic.

“We’re not theists,” she said. “Judaism is more than a religion that worships God. We’re a civilization.”

Kolton spoke about her vision for a new day, when human dignity is truly appreciated, and a new clergy and a new religion – based on putting the planet first – comes to light.

“I want a new clergy where power flows from the people to the top,” she said. “Clergy should be experts in empathy.”

Sharon Gittlemman
Between the Lines News (6/2/05)


The report above is yet another indication that we are living in a Post-modern age. It is a time where individuals deny the idea of a absolute standard or reality, and is characterized by the belief that men have the right to create God in their own image. Or, in the case of “Rabbi Kolton”, to practice religion without even acknowledging God’s existence at all!

But, man does not have the right to determine for himself the purpose of religion, or to set his own standards with regard to morality. It matter’s not what we believe, what matters is God’s Will!

Rather than a religion that puts “the planet first”, note what Jesus said should be our priority. “He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him” (John 14:21).