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Mining the Scriptures: Hebrews 1:5-14


The book of Hebrews contains a series of contrasts designed to establish the supremacy of Jesus Christ, and His covenant with mankind. The first of these contrasts consists of a comparison between Christ and angels.

  1. Verse 4 indicates that Jesus is superior to the angels because His Father granted an inheritance to Him as a Son.
  2. Jesus is superior to the angels because He is, in fact, God’s only begotten Son (5)
  3. Jesus is seen to be superior in that God declares we are to worship Him, where angels are not to be worshipped. Rather they serve as ministering servants (6-7). Jesus is, in fact, God, reigning on His throne in righteousness (8-9).
  4. Jesus is superior because He is the Creator of the universe. While the universe is temporal, and will one day cease to exist, its Creator is eternal and incorruptible. (10-12).

The angels are ministering spirits, appointed by God to serve us. In contrast God has exalted the Christ, and appointing for Him a place at His right hand, reigning in Heaven. He is not a servant, He is our Lord! (13-14).

Sermon: Angels

Sermon 2 of 9
Gospel Meeting May 5-10, 2012
Speaker: Chip Foster

The sermon (delivered during the Bible class on Sunday morning) reveals what God’s word teaches on the subject of angels, and contrasts what is revealed with the misconceptions and superstitions of men.


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