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In The News: The Tao of Willie

WillieWillie Nelson, the Country and Western singer with a liberal lean to his politics and an agenda to legalize marijuana use, recently published a book of philosophy called “The Tao of Willie.” In it he talks about everything from politics to God. In response to a question about leaving his Methodist upbringing in embracing new philosophies, Nelson said:

“I believe that all roads lead to the same place. We’re taking different ways to get there, but we all end up in the same place. It’s kind of like Kinky Friedman’s statement, “May the God of your choice bless you.” That’s the main thoughts that I have about life.” (Time Magazine, August 7, 2006)

Nelson, as is typical of many today, has remade God in his image. Scripture clearly reveals that there is one way to heaven (John 4:24), that not all of us are going to get there (Matthew 7;13), and that there is only one true God (Acts 14:15).

Yes, those are Willie’s main thoughts on life. God has given his divine comments on such thoughts, saying in Psalm 94:11, “The Lord knows the thoughts of man, That they are futile.”