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Mining The Scriptures: Jude 3-4



Jude 3-4

The concept of contending for the faith, while well documented scripturally as a requirement of God, is not practiced with regularity in our time. Rather, the call today is for compromise and tolerance.

It is interesting that Jude indicates in this text his desire to write “concerning our common salvation.” It is certainly a pleasant thing to relate the privileges and rewards that are ours if we are found faithful in Christ. However, Jude “found it necessary” to write instead about false teachers and their influence, to warn his readers.

Why did Jude feel compelled to do this? Because of the dangers such men present! They are deceitful in their practices, and Jude reveals that they will stand condemned for their message (cf. vs. 14-15).

Jude warns his readers to “keep yourselves” (vss. 20-21). False teachers are dangerous, and we must contend with them!