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Mining The Scriptures: Mark 9:1



Mark 9:1

The chapter break here is unfortunate, as this verse belongs with the Lord’s discourse that started in 8:34.

The promise here made was two fold: 1) The kingdom would come with power; and, 2) Some of those with him as he spoke would still be alive when it came.

This simple text deals a death blow to those who claim the kingdom of Christ is yet to be established. If it hasn’t been established yet, one of two things must be true:

  1. Jesus did not keep his promise to his disciples.
  2. Some of Jesus disciples are alive at over 2,000 years of age.

Both assertions are untenable and obviously untrue.

While the errorist can’t reconcile this passage with his doctrine, the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise is evident.

On the day of Pentecost following Jesus’ resurrection, as He promised here and in Acts 1:4-8, the kingdom arrived with power upon the immersion of the disciples in the Holy Spirit. The kingdom exists, and we who are His are citizens of it, (cf. Colossians 1:13).