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The Obvious Homosexual Agenda

wicked gay prideI recently came across an article entitled, Redefinition Revolution—Gay Marriage is about more than Adam and Steve. It was written by Maggie Gallagher, the President of an organization called the National Organization for Marriage. Her organization helped to put a marriage amendment on the ballot in California this November, in an attempt to reverse the California Supreme Court’s decision to allow homosexuals to marry.

Her assertions in the article are illuminating and disturbing. She posits that allowing homosexuals to marry is the progression of an agenda that will have far reaching and severe ramifications for Christians.

It is obvious to anyone who has even a passing familiarity with our society that practicing homosexuals have an active agenda to promote their lifestyle. As society becomes more accepting of the perversion, it gains credibility in the minds of the average American.

Several lies and misrepresentations are commonly used to further the agenda. For example, activists have long trumpeted the 10% figure—that 10% of all humans are homosexual. This figure is commonly used even though the figure was debunked long ago. Most surveys reveal the figure to hover between 1% and 3%, and the fluctuations seem to indicate that homosexuality is a learned behavior rather than a genetic trait. In other words, as the practice and lifestyle becomes more palatable to the general populace, more individuals will embrace the sin.

The genetic claim is another lie. Research has indicated that the brains of practicing homosexuals may exhibit some differences from heterosexuals. The very researchers who discovered this, however, contend that this proves nothing with regard to genetic predisposition. The differences in the brains can as easily be explained by the lifestyle itself as by any genetically passed trait. The research does not support the claims made by homosexual activists.

In fact, more and more homosexuals are becoming candid in their admission that their lifestyle is a matter of choice. The most candid among them will stipulate to the fact that upbringing and cultural choices have a strong influence upon their decision to engage in homosexual sex. In Biblical terms, they choose to sin. As Camille Paglia, an influential lesbian activist and writer has stated:

No one is born gay. The mere idea that that is possible is a flimsy fabrication of sloppy journalists and amoral queer activists. Any person, male or female, who cannot feel the sexual allure of the opposite sex has been traumatized by some early combination of social circumstances.

As Gallagher notes, the desire of homosexuals to marry is less about the joys of a monogamous relationship, and more about equality under the law. She states:

It is about inserting into the law the principle that ‘gay is the new black’ – that sexual orientation should be treated exactly the same way we treat race in law and culture.

In fact, in every place where same sex marriages have been legalized there has been, after the initial surge to the courthouse, a sharp decline in homosexual unions. On Sunday, June 15th, the New York Times ran an article titled, Gay Couples Find Marriage a Mixed Bag. In it, the paper reported that many gays reject “heteronormative” assumptions about marriage. The monogamy of marriage does not jibe with the promiscuous lifestyle that is characteristic of homosexuals and lesbians. To illustrate the depth of the degradation, note the following quote from a married homosexual in Massachusetts, Eric Erbelding, from the New York Times article:

Our rule is you can play around, because, you know, you have to be practical.

He further stated that most married gay couples are “for the most part monogamous, but for maybe a casual three-way.” Such lewdness remains shocking only to the spiritually minded. Most Americans no longer are appalled by it.

There is an ominous consequence to the legalization of gay marriage. If “gay becomes the new black” in the eyes of the law, it will be illegal to discriminate upon that basis. The Catholic church in Massachusetts got out of the adoption business rather than be forced to allow homosexual couples to adopt.

National Public Radio recently ran a report regarding the inevitable legal conflict between homosexual activism and religious expression. As NPR stated in its written version:

Two titanic legal principles are crashing on the steps of the church, synagogue and mosque: equal treatment for same-sex couples on the one hand, and the freedom to exercise religious beliefs on the other.

The story further stated, “So far, the religious groups are losing.”

Brethren, beware! These activists are not simply wanting to be left alone to do as they wish. They are seeking legal acknowledgment of their lifestyle that will in time lead to governmental repression of our faith. Our society is becoming ever more antagonistic to God and His people.