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From the Preacher’s Pen: Scripture Must Be Its Own Interpreter


In reading a debate from 1928 on the subject of Premillennialism, I came across the following from the pen of H. Leo Bole. This is found in his first negative of the proposition, “The Scriptures teach that Israel (fleshly descendant of Abraham through Jacob) shall be nationally restored.”

“… An important rule for the correct understanding of God’s word is this — namely, the Scripture must be its own interpreter. This rule requires that when there is a question concerning the meaning of any Scripture, that the true sense must be searched out and ascertained from other Scriptures that speak more clearly on that point. All Bible scholars recognize two classes of Scriptures–plain and simple Scriptures, and obscure or difficult Scriptures. The obscure and difficult Scriptures must be interpreted by the plain and simple Scriptures.”

For example, Revelation 20:1-10 should be interpreted with Mark 9:1 in mind. If that is done, the erroneous view that Jesus has yet to establish an earthly 1000 year kingdom will not be seriously considered. This example could be multiplied with the various false doctrines that have troubled religious people throughout the history of the Lord’s church.

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